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    Upgrade eligibility question?

    OK, I purchased the iPhone 3G July 12, 2008, so I am assuming I was an "early adopter". So do I qualify for the $199 16 gb 3G S?
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    Recent apps

    Hi, On the app store page in iTunes it used to have an option to choose "all apps" and it would then list apps in reverse chronological order so you could see the newest ones. This seems to be gone, and hitting "recent apps" gets you all kinds of dates in no order. Any way to access all the apps...
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    sound distortion during calls--help!

    Hi, Today my 3g started having crackling and disrupted sounds during calls. Playing music, etc. sounds fine. I have tried turning wifi off, adjusting volume, resetting phone, but no luck. Any ideas would be appreciated!
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    Infinite spore level?

    OK, I'm stuck on level 25. I have been around the level numerous times, eaten lots of stuff, but the level never ends, and there is no meter in the upper left. Any ideas how to move on or what's going on? Thanks!
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    3G says apps updated, but they're not!

    When I open the App Store on my 3g, it says "all apps up to date", but that's not the case. My v.1 iPhone correctly lists the apps needing updates. Any ideas what's up with the 3g? Thank you!
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    Mail problems....No SSL, etc.

    Ok, my comcast account can receive mail, but not send it, just like with the v. 1 I have. I've tried everything with comcast sending, no dice. I tried to set up a gmail account, as I did on v.1, but when I try to save the setup info it says "cannot connect using SSL, do you want to try setting...
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    Still have voicemail problems

    I read the thread on this, but nothing has worked for me so far. When I tap the voicemail icon it just sits there. (Have v1, just got g3 and trying to set up voicemail.) Anybody know anything else to try? Thanks!
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    It's true--app store opens tomorrow!
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    Upgrade old iPhone before activating new?

    OK, if I plan to use my old iPhone as an iPhone touch, do I need to upgrade to the new OS before the new one is activated? I thought I read that somewhere, not sure where. So then you would need to upgrade before buying the 3G, which is activated at time of purchase, or ? Thanks for any info on...
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    OK, just to clarify.........

    I think the langauge used in the qualifying price explanation is vague. The part that is confusing me is: iPhone customers who purchased an iPhone before July 11 I bought the first iPhone on i-day last year, so I am assuming this means me and I am eligible for the "discount" prices, yes? Just...
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    Glass or plastic or ?

    So the case is plastic, looks like. What is the screen made of? I liked the steel and glass myself.
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    Comcast email not working

    Hey, My Comcast email has been working great until the last few days, and now I don't seem to be getting mail and I get a msg. to check my outgoing settings when I try to send mail. They haven't changed from what they've been all along. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.
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    Update long to download?

    Does this iPhone update take awhile to download? It's been about 10-15 min. now. The others were quicker for me.
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    Beatles are here

    Sorry if it's old news, but check out the iTunes store.
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    Headphone adapter solution

    I will suggest this again since there is current discussion on the topic. There is an "Ipod Shuffle Sport Case" that includes a perfect adapter for the iPhone, very small (3-4 inch) cable that works great. I found one at Circuit City for 10$ (it had been opened). You can order the case from...
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    Headphone adapter solution!

    Sorry if this has been posted. I saw on another forum that there is an "Ipod Shuffle Sport Case" which happens to include a small headphone adapter that works perfectly with the iPhone and any standard headphone jack (like my Bose QC). After some searching, I found this case, with the adapter...
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    Good solution or ruin the fun?

    Allowing pre-orders would save a lot of this uncertainty. Stores would be informed how many units they would initially get, people could sign up, and that would be that. Same deal for subsequent shipments. No...wait....:angry: that would be too organized!
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    Poll: What store (city and state) will you go to?

    If you don't buy online. Neil: ATT, Ft. Collins, Colorado
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    Bad News! Argggh!

    I thought my contract was up July 7th, but that's just the new phone eligibility date; contract isn't up until Dec. 7th. And the cheapest Verizon plan looks like 40$/month. Haven't checked the early termination fee yet for sure. Any creative ideas or am I just screwed? Thanks.
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    Keep my same phone number?

    My current contract with another provider (*rhymes with where the sun rises and sets*) is up on July 7. Obviously, I would wait to cancel it until then. If I buy an iPhone in the meantime and sign up with ATT, can I get the same phone number I have now, with providers overlapping temporarily?