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    Unlocking the iPhone with help from the FCC

    I came across this article on USA Today. It a good story about how you can get the government to help unlock the iPhone and all new phones. You can also go straight to the website the article refers to...
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    Didn't buy iPhone? Tell here why..

    Here is the link. Yes, it sucks but here is the link. Scroll down and you will see the NOTE:Phone and associated wireless service are not eligible for corporate service or equipment discounts. IRUs who...
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    Didn't buy iPhone? Tell here why..

    Here are my reasons. 1. Corporate discount on service lost if you upgrade to iPhone. 2. No Corporate discount on purchase of iPhone. 3. You cannot buy insurance on the iPhone from ATT/Cingular. This is not negative, just the facts.
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    November release of next generation iPhone?

    A Business Model I tried to use my corporate discount and was told that it did not apply to this model. I ask the salesman which model it did apply to and he said that Apple will soon release a iPhone marketed to businesss people. He did not have any further info on features or a date, only...
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    A New iPhone Is In The Works!

    A businesss model. I went by one of the stores yesterday and inquired about using my corporate discount on the phone and the service and was told it did not apply to the current model. I asked the salesman what model it did apply to and he informed me that Apple is planning to offer a...