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  1. bcaslis

    steves WiFi issue?

    No because he had the same issue with an iPhone 3GS next to the iPhone 4.
  2. bcaslis

    How are the caseless iPhone 4's holding up?

    Put Invisibleshield on the back, nothing on the front (just like with my iPhone 3GS). Like new so far. My 3GS was like this after a year.
  3. bcaslis

    Why I won't be getting the 3G iPad

    The $15 plan is 250MB of data and the $30 is "unlimited". The issue I have with the OP is that they are claiming that it's locked to AT&T. It's not. They also posted the exact same message on the TiPB forums.
  4. bcaslis

    Why I won't be getting the 3G iPad

    Why are you posting wrong information on multiple forums? The iPad 3G is NOT locked to AT&T. Go to the Apple website and confirm this if you want.
  5. bcaslis

    3GS Recall?

    What an utter irresponsible article by PC World. Based on one sample and "others on the internet". Did he even try to get a replacement to see if it was only his sample? Geez, what a moron, must be trying for cheap hits on the website.
  6. bcaslis

    Screen Protector?

    I don't buy this "the new coating scratches easily" stuff. A few people scratch their phones and it's a generic the screen scratches easily problem? After a week a don't see any scratches. I'm sure it's possible to scratch but it's not going to if you are careful. Does anyone really think Apple...
  7. bcaslis

    Oleophobic screen: TOO slippery?

    I have to disagree. After a week I can't see anything even with a magnifying glass.
  8. bcaslis

    White iPhone 3GS turns brown when overheated?

    I bought a white 16GB 3G the day it came out. After almost a year of use it's the exact same color as the new 32GB GS I bought. Normal use the iPhone won't change it's color. The one in the picture must have a hardware problem causing overheating bad enough to burn the plastic.
  9. bcaslis

    Does the 3G S come with a screen protector on it?

    Umm, no there's no extra screen protector on the 3GS out of the box. I'd stop picking at the screen right away unless you want to damage something.
  10. bcaslis

    White iPhone 3GS cracking issues?

    I bought a white 3G the day they came out and a white 3GS the day it came out. Neither have any cracks.
  11. bcaslis

    Oleophobic screen: TOO slippery?

    The new screen is fantastic. I've always put covers on my device screens, but I haven't yet. I'm torn because I really want to protect the screen but it works so well I don't want to cover it!
  12. bcaslis

    I have a non flush screen.

    I'd say mine is minutely raised on the left and recessed on the right. But the difference is so tiny (you can only really feel it, not see it) that's there's no way I'd exchange an otherwise perfect phone for this imperfection.
  13. bcaslis

    For those who upgraded from 3G to 3G S

    I wasn't going to upgrade until Thursday night. Paid the $499 (grumble, grumble, grumble) but I love the 3G S. Significant speed improvement, better (but still not a real) camera, and lots of little refinements. Now just need to decide what to do with the 3G.
  14. bcaslis

    Weather/Stocks/You Tube Not Working

    I'm seeing the same issues with stocks and weather. They worked very early this morning but haven't responded since. Other online apps are working however.
  15. bcaslis

    3G has terrible signal

    Your Q9 was on AT&T? If your Q9 was really 10x faster on the same service then I would guess that's the better phone. I don't have any experience with that phone, but the iPhone 3G gets better reception in the same spots than a Treo 750 I had a year ago.
  16. bcaslis

    3G has terrible signal

    As I've said in earlier message, judging by bars isn't entirely accurate unless you only base it on one device. However, it's a good point to note that AT&T's frequency for 3G does affect the ability to work indoors. The GSM frequency used varies in different locations. Some use a 800MHz...
  17. bcaslis

    3G has terrible signal

    1.) I'm stating my observational with both models of phones. While I wouldn't rank that as expert, it does make me more expert than someone who hasn't used one. 2.) I'm stating that number of bars is a ridiculous way to measure signal strength. This applies to all phones. The only true way to...
  18. bcaslis

    3G has terrible signal

    Well Dude, I have both, do you? On mine, the 3G clearly gets better reception. But I'm sure someone who doesn't have one is an authority on this. Also note that people are clearly making mistakes. There's even a picture in one of the posts showing the two side by side. On is on 3G and one...
  19. bcaslis

    3G has terrible signal

    This is ridiculous. From everything I've tried the 3G has better reception than the v1. People making judgments on number of bars and different networks (UMTS vs GSM) is beyond silly.
  20. bcaslis

    3G has terrible signal

    Also keep in mind that if you have 3G enabled, the two iPhones are measuring completely different networks. The 3G is showing UMTS strength (even for voice), while the iPhone is showing GSM strength. I've rarely seen AT&T have as strong a UMTS signal as GSM. Also they run at different...