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  1. psychoticpanda

    Funniest thing EVER. a MUST read.

    my friend was over my house a few days ago and we were in the pool.. he is like the funniest kid i no taught me something.. flick your nipple on the tip and count to 7.. after the 7 seconds your nipple should be like rele hard. i was cracking up that he told me this out of NO where.. he is VERY...
  2. psychoticpanda

    Transferring iPhone backup from PC to Mac

    I am currently using a sony vaio laptop and have all my iPhone files and w/e backed up on this computer.. i want to get a new laptop.. [mac book pro].. so what do i have to do to transfer my restore files to the mac ? i have my iPhone modded so i don't want to have the mod files on the backup. im...
  3. psychoticpanda

    long distance web/phone use ?

    im leaving for my cruise tomorrow really early so i need a response ASAP. im going to the carribean like PR and i wana no if i get service for Edge internet would i get charged like a long distance internet charge ? if their is how much more is it ? and it is too late to get it now ?.. PS: how...
  4. psychoticpanda

    New Update deleted all my iPhone Camera Roll Photo's

    the photo's you take with the iPhone camera have been deleted from my iPhone ! :embarrassed: is their anyway to get these back ?
  5. psychoticpanda

    After attempting to update my phone says "Activate iPhone, Connect to iTunes"

    i don't get it. i HAVE modded my phone.. and now i installed the upgrade.. it won't connect to iTunes store ? it says it has been timed out or something like that. i cannt use my phone becuz its like when you first get it ?!?!?! :angry: edit: I FIXED MY PROBLEM :) THANKS EVERYONE !
  6. psychoticpanda

    y applications crash while listening to music

    if i play music and open safari at the same time its either stops the music or crashes and puts me in the menu...