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  1. iNurse

    Trouble jailbreaking iPhone 4s using Windows evasi0n

    My nephew is downloading the jailbreak from the evasion He has windows. He is the 7.0.6. His phone went through restoring and now has the part where the iPhone plug shows up and acts like it won't connect. He cannot get anything to happen at this screen. please help.
  2. iNurse

    Cydia question

    I am trying to manage my account in Cydia. It will not log in... keeps showing spinning thing in corner. Is this because it is swamped? I want to be able to get some old things I had bought in the past. Thanks!
  3. iNurse

    New problem occurred, iMessage and two phones

    My daughter and I share an Apple ID but have different iCloud accounts. Today, my imessage began sharing on my daughters imessage. HELP!
  4. iNurse

    EMERGENCY ios 6

    I attempted twice last night or three times to install iOS 6 OTA... Unknown error wouldn't install ( have latest software update and jailbreak so i know I will lose jailbreak).. today I got home a nd connected to iTunes,,, downloaded iOS to computer then it went to install and "UNKNOWN...
  5. iNurse

    Tablet Question

    This may not be the right place, but can someone tell me their thoughts on the iPad vs Kindle Fire vs Nexus 7 ? Want to get a tablet. I have the 4s and have preordered the 5. Thanks!
  6. iNurse

    Twitter app on Mac that shows specific lists of tweets?

    Is there anyone with twitter on the MAC that allows you to organize your tweets to where you can have a list of just viewing certain tweets .. like say label it friends..... and then you can review those instead of all the ones you follow? Also, is there such an app for iPhone? I have...
  7. iNurse

    vtext cc with every Gmail

    Please help. Suddenly I am getting a duplicate email with every gmail from one of my gmail accounts. It is from and says error message. It is only with one certain gmail account. I know that is a verizon text and I do have verizon but I don't know where or why this started...
  8. iNurse

    Help with JB

    I have a friend that just jailbroke from a PC to his iPhone ... He keeps getting this message when he tries to down load from cydia
  9. iNurse

    Siri randomly comes on

    Anyone have the issue or heard of Siri randomly coming on ... microphone beeps... then says sorry I couldnt understand you....? it can be just laying beside me and pop on.... Jailbroke a couple days ago
  10. iNurse

    cannot open pictures in SMS

    My iPhone 4s is jailbroken and i have biteSMS. yesterday it began not letting me open pictures in sms. It goes to a black screen.. The same thing is true in the stock SMS. Any ideas?
  11. iNurse


    I was thinking about getting a Nook for reading out in the sun... The iPhone/ipad does not show up very well. Any thoughts ? Never had a Nook or a Kindle....
  12. iNurse

    Winterboard temperature badge

    Please move this to appropriate thread. I am on iPhone and it won't let me from app. I have jailbroken iPhone 4s. Winterboard installed. Suddenly there is a badge icon on the winterboard. It almost looks like a temperature icon but it is not correct temperature.
  13. iNurse

    Springtomize and winterboard

    Anyone know what this means? This came after update tonight for springtomize
  14. iNurse

    Long Vibrate on text tones

    Anyone know how to make the vibrate go for longer on TEXTTONES? I have jailbroke iPhone 4s -have gone to custom settings... tried to select it for certain people and try it, but it still just does the usual short vibrate ..... I wear scrubs and have phone on vibrate during day. I need a longer...
  15. iNurse

    Theme and picture

    can anyone tell me how I can get the picture that i select as my home screen picture on a jailbroken iPhone4s with winter spring?
  16. iNurse

    frozen and missing icon

    Help.. I have jailbroken 4s. It has been working awesome. Today I was messing with Srpingtomize. I have lost my dialer and contacts... Rebooted a few times checked settings..... now I phone icon back. No contacts. Now it keeps freezing....... please help ...(I have springtomize and winter...
  17. iNurse

    Replace carrier name with something else

    Is there a way on a jailbroken phone that you can change the name of the carrier off the top of screen and replace with name or something ? Like mine says VERIZOn right now and I would like to put my name or something else there.
  18. iNurse

    inadvertently type wrong email in iCloud set up

    Can someone please tell me how to correct this... my daughter when trying to set up iCloud so she can have "find my iPhone" app... was creating her iCloud id and three times inadvertently typed wrong email... now it says cannot set up iCloud ---iCloud limit has been reached. I was on the phone...
  19. iNurse

    iPhone not showing up playlist that are on iTunes

    My iTunes and iPhone 4s are synced. They have worked properly. Today I went to my iPhone and went to my playlist... all the lists show up but when you click on them, there is either no songs or only one or two songs On my iTunes they are grayed out and checked but shows them on the play...
  20. iNurse

    Rotator Cuff

    Hello my new iPhone friends.... I have to have surgery a few days after Christmas for a torn rotator cuff. I have a complete tear. Want to ask if you would please remember me in prayer. Have heard some awful stories on recovery from this and the pain. if any of you have gone through this...