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    iTunes 7.4.3 is out

    Downloading now.
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    I have a PC and want Installed apps.. HOW?

    So I've been seeing all this talk about all these new apps. I guess I need to be able to get these apps on my iPhone, right? Well it looks like is only for Macs. So, am I screwed?
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    Ringtones are coming tonight!

    Everything I've read says that Apple is going to introduce ringtones for the iPhone. I couldn't be happier! We're getting ringtones! Yay!
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    MEEBO for iPhone is here!

    Just go to on your iPhone :) Its VERY nice! I like how the messages from another person pop up.. you'll have to check it out.
  5. D - WOW

    Man this has to be the best web iPhone app yet. It is soo clean and the slide transitions are super smooth.. its really really nice.
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    check it out :) eBay has created a mobile site for the iPhone.
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    Send your iPhone pics to Flickr.. Yes its possible

    All you need to do is have a Flickr account. Click Upload photo. Then click Uploading tools. Then click Upload by email. It will generate an email address for you to send your pics to. Also be sure to set your primary email acount in your Flickr account to the address you'll be sending pics...
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    Send pics from iPhone to your .Mac Photo Gallery! AWESOME!

    Jobs mentioned this today.. 10:32AM: "Out with your iPhone, we've added "Send to Web Gallery" on your iPhone. Pick one, emails to special address, that photo will show up on your web gallery. Can tell friends about it, View others' web galleries right on your iPhone, great iPhone experience...
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    Mundu IM.. the best IM app I've seen so far

    This thing is GREAT! You can sign on to yahoo, aim, gtalk, and msn simultaneously. Design is very nice too. You can also add buddys to your list on AIM (not sure about the others). This one seemed to not crash Safari as much as TinyIM or Beejive.
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    Email is being a ***** ever since the update

    For whatever reason my email has been very weird ever since the firmware update. Sometimes I can receive but ever since the update I can no longer send email. I've deleted my account and re-entered all of my server, user, and pw stuff and nothing seems to work. It works fine on my PC though so...
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    Bad typing habits from iPhone

    When I'm typing on my computer I find myself skipping over my typos cause I'm so used to the iPhone automatically fixing my mistakes LOL. Also I was on vacation last week and didn't use a keyboard at all.. just my iPhone. When I came back to work I almost touched the friggen monitor to log in.. OMG.
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    Apple stock is +7.48 (5.76%) this morning..

    Its up to 144.74 at the moment.
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    ProClip Mounting System for iPhone is available!

    Looks pretty cool Choose Apple and iPhone from the dropdowns.
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset Unboxed COOL!
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    Something to grip the iPhone better with.. my wish

    I find it very difficult to pick up my phone when its sitting on a flat surface. It always feels like its gona jump out of my finger tips. I don't really want a case cause I don't see any that I really like all that much. What would be perfect in my opinion is some type of grippy rubber/silicon...
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    Sweet Blackjack game for iPhone No this isn't spam.. just thought it was a nicely done blackjack game :)
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    SOLUTION: Maps widget only showing 10 pinpoints

    Just got an answer to my problem with the Maps widget only showing 10 pinpoints per location. THE PROBLEM: For example if you search for "Starbucks, New York City, NY" it would only return 10 locations, when in reality there are hundreds of Starbucks in NYC. THE SOLUTION: Search for "New York...
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    Moving iTunes songs from my girlfriend's computer to mine.. will it work?

    If I take some iTunes songs from my girlfriend's computer, which were bought with her account, and put them on my computer will I be able to play them? Will I also be able to put them on to my iPhone?
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    iPhone Maps only shows 10 pin points, while shows a lot more!

    Restaurants, Ocean City, MD iPhone only returns 10 results, while interestingly returns the SAME 10 results on their FIRST PAGE of results. On if you click through the pages you get more results. This kind of sucks. Theres no way to get more results on the iPhone...
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    WiFi disconnects and phone switches to EDGE when it sleeps

    Is this normal? Maybe its a battery saving feature.