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  1. daziphone

    iPhone 3G vs iPhone

    Why two? The iPhone is still an "iPhone". How do I know which section of the forum to be in. I now own an iPhone 3G, after having an iPhone since the beginning. When I log on to EIC I see both sections and the iPhone one always seems to have more people in it than the iPhone 3G one? Why...
  2. daziphone

    Help with i. TV

    I have i.TV and think I'll like it, however I live in Columbus Ohio and the setup for channels has selections? I have Insight cable and there are three choices? It's Stupid! How do I know which one? 1. Columbus OM (CR) OH 2. Columbus Two (CR) OH 3. Columbus Two Rebuild OH I have tried...
  3. daziphone

    Anyone sorry they bought the 8GB?

    I am going to buy a iPhone for the wife, should I get the 8GB or 16GB? I had a 8GB V1 iPhone. I never used much of the 8GB at all. When I got my iPhone 3G I figured I better get the 16GB because of all the apps I might want. Well turns out I still don't think I need all that room. My iPhone...
  4. daziphone

    iCal Spring Date?

    I just noticed that Apples Holiday add ins to iCal does not have "Spring Equinox"? I think it is suppose to be on March 20th. Is that strange or is it just me. Just looked further and surprised to find NONE of the season changes are there?!?
  5. daziphone

    View Wallpaper

    I just found the wallpaper section in the software. When I click "view" I get a blank white screen with a small white box in the upper left hand corner? Am I doing something wrong? I cannot see the wallpaper.
  6. daziphone

    Wireless router or just USB wireless?

    Help....I have no wireless in my home. I have 2 Macintosh computers that have USB ports but too old for built-in wireless. My question is I only need WiFi for my iPhone so do I really need a wireless router or will these new USB wireless hubs I see do the trick?
  7. daziphone

    No SMS when number has been ported?

    I can not receive SMS sent from websites? I was told that since I "ported" my number it doesn't work? What's the deal, is that just temporary till all the records are changed? I can receive SMS from other phones and I did get my SMS from Apple about my $100 credit code. I just wonder why I...
  8. daziphone

    Usage display not minutes

    Does anyone else ever wonder why Apple chooses to display the usage time in Days, Hours, Minutes? I have never seen a mobile service company (AT&T, Verizion, Sprint, etc.) show anything except "minutes". When you sign-up for service you buy a "minutes" plan. It just seems strange to me that...
  9. daziphone

    SMS Problems

    Anyone else having a problem with SMS? I found a site called Seemed like what I needed so the wife can send text messages to my iPhone. It didn't work so I email the people at the site and got a speedy response telling me that if I "ported" my number it "wouldn't" work! Hmmm...
  10. daziphone

    Pay a month in advance

    Can anyone explain to me this "pay a month in advance" businesss the mobile phone company's use? All of them when you first sign up double your first bill for the pay a month in advance. OK so I am paying for August in advance of using the service in August right? So at the end of August when I...
  11. daziphone

    % of battery left?

    I see others on here talk about (%) of battery time. I see the very small white battery indicator in the top right bar of my screen and I see the large battery indicator with green when I plug it in to charge. How do you tell the (%) left when not plugged in? Does it actually show a...
  12. daziphone

    AT&T smtp?

    I asked this in the AT&T section and never got an answer. Does anyone know if AT&T offers (free) smtp for the iPhone for sending mail? Seems like they could. They must already have mail servers? I just don't like the the advertising at the bottom of the Yahoo mail. My insight .rr account...
  13. daziphone

    AT&T smtp server?

    My broadband cable company (Insight in Columbus OH) will not allow me to send email (smtp) outside their network. I currently have my iPhone set to use Yahoo for sending but I don't like the advertisement Yahoo puts at the bottom. Does AT&T offer a smtp server to send mail from the iPhone...
  14. daziphone

    on WiFi not mine?

    I am on wifi making this message, thing is " I do not own" a wifi device. I underdtand that I must be connected to a neighbor. OK my question is does my neighbor know? Does anything alert someone that a connection is made? I was going to buy a wireless router , maybe I don't need to!