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    iMessage to send as text will not revert to iMessage

    I received a text message. Went to reply and I had the blue bubble and the red exclamation saying it was not sent. So I try again and it will not send (actually created a duplicate message). So I hit it again and select send as text message (green) and it sent. Now every message in that group...

    Camera Roll and Photo Stream gone

    iOS8 seems to have taken the label of "Camera Roll" away. It just shows (under Albums) recent and the Photostream is gone. What has me concerned is that when I looked at my photos it used to show me how many I had on my phone (4,xxx) and now the recently added only shows 477. Where did my old...

    Add 1 Calendar event and pick multiple calendars to add it to?

    I am constantly having to create duplicate calendar entries because the naitve iOS calendar app only allows you to select 1 calendar. Is there a way to select more than one of my multiple calendar's (ie: Home calendar & work calendar)? I have a home calendar that is shared with my wife and not...

    iFrogz iPad 3 Case

    Does anyone have the iFrogz Backbone iPad Case? I have their iPhone case and love the how minimal bulk it added to my iPhone 4S and the sort of smooth matte finish to it. Feels good, the entire phone is protected. It seems so many of the iPad...

    Disable auto turn off when plugged in

    I am using my iPad at work and have it on the Apple iPad dock. The display goes to sleep and I have to reach over and hit the home button. While plugged into the dock, I would like to have it stay on as I keep my calendar open on it. Is there an option to not go to sleep while on AC power? I did...

    New iPad front camera

    Is the iSight camera the front camera? Did the front and rear cameras get upgraded on the new iPad or just the rear? Apples website does not call it front and back, just iSight.

    Photostream online? in iCloud?

    I have iCloud set up (see my mail calendar find my phone etc) and I have photostream turned on on my 4s. However, I do not see where I find my photostream online in icloud. I expected there to be an icon like the calendar or mail once I logged into iCloud. Did I miss something?

    Mobile Me to iCloud move and still access MM?

    I have a number of galleries on Mobile Me. I need to get them moved so I do not lose the pictures. However, I also need to get the iCloud working for all our household devices. During the ios5 upgrade, my wife's iPhone and son's ipad have made the conversion (including their Mobile Me accounts...

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  10. PDACPA

    Questioning Jailbreak

    I used the greenpoison jailbreak to jailbreak my phone a few months ago. I am by no means an expert on the jailbreak side, but have become a big fan of biteSMS, mywi, and some other enhancements (one touch to shut down background running apps and more custom themes). However, over the past few...
  11. PDACPA

    How do I remove jailbreak (Greepoison RC6)?

    I have been jailbroken on the untethered greenpoison Rc6 jailbreak. Everything works fine though there is a "lag" the is noticeable. Opening the camera seems to take forever and though I played a bit with the themes and some utilities (remove background running apps), I am not sure I want to...
  12. PDACPA

    HDMI Dongle

    What would prevent this dongle from being used on the first generation iPad or even our iPhone's?
  13. PDACPA

    Mobile Me with a Jailbroken phone

    I have had an iPhone since the 3g and though tempted to jailbreak, just have not done it. I keep lurking through the jailbreak threads and am considering doing it. However, I did a search and could not find any posts regarding Mobile Me. I use Mobile Me quite a bit and it maintains my...
  14. PDACPA

    Print Calendar from Web View of Mobile Me Calendar

    Does anyone know how to print the day view (or month view) of a mobile me calendar from within Safari or any other browser? You cannot use the generic print function from the browser as it does not print correctly. There has to be (or APPLE needs to create it) a way to do this as it is...
  15. PDACPA

    iPad for Christmas signed up for the 3G data plan and have a phone number

    I signed up for the $14.99 data plan for my iPad as it is typically at home or office and can get wifi, but wanted the ability when away from those places. I received an email confirming my sign up and it gave me a telephone number associated with my iPad data plan. Is this common? Can it be...
  16. PDACPA

    Will Apple TV2 do what I want?

    I have been reading about the ATV2 and with the new iOS4.2 the "advertised" seamless transition between iPhone, ipad, ATV2 and my TV. With everyone coming over for Thanksgiving and some out of town guests we do not see much, I would like to share my Mobile Me Galleries (I have quite a few)...
  17. PDACPA

    Apps transfer to new phone but not all app data or game levels

    I have a iPhone 4 that I upgraded from a 3GS. I gave the 3GS to my wife (her 3G was slow with 4.0 and is now sitting in the desk). She uses her PC for her iTunes and I use my laptop for my iTunes. Both phones had a full back up and then I restored my phone with my iTunes and I wiped the old 3GS...
  18. PDACPA

    Slow sending of texts?

    Anyone notice basic text messages (SMS) are sending real slow today? Mine gets 95% done and sits waiting to send and then eventually goes. No picture attached, just regular text. Tampa Florida area
  19. PDACPA

    Email of photos are received sideways from iPhone 4

    I normally email pictures to other people, but needed a picture of something today and sent it to my desktop from my iPhone. It came in the email sideways (see attached). So I tried a few more and they all come the same way. As a matter of fact a video did that too. I did not use Quicktime to...
  20. PDACPA

    Auto correct & accuracy

    Has anyone noticed that they are not as accurate texting (or typing) on the 4 vs the 3GS? I noticed that I make way more errors, cannot type as fast and it does not correct things as well as my 3gs did. Does it learn your mistakes and make the correcting suggestions after some use? I did a...