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    Need help for my speech class

    Future of cell phones? Im doing a speech on the history of cell phones I want to add what the most expensive and cheapest phones is -Anyone know what the most expensive cell phone in the world is? I googled it up and found the Vertu? -Anyone know what the cheapest phone to buy? I know...
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    online banking on iPhone safe?

    anyone check bank or credit card statements on the iPhone is it safe?
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    suspend mail account

    This has happened to me before where If I do not log into my yahoo account for some time it will suspend. I made a yahoo account for my iPhone and so I check all my mail from my iPhone now no need to log into yahoo on a regular computer. So will yahoo suspend your account because you do not...
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    magnetic headphones

    don't know if someone posted this already but is there a reason why the iPhones headphone magnetic?
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    HDMI cables

    I need one but I don't get why the prices are all over the place is a brand better than the other? Im buying one for the PS3 I saw one at target for the ps3 for $60 (sony) then also a monster cable for $100 and another sony for $40 or something? What am I suppose to look for or are they all the...
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    No ring straight to voicemail

    This has happened to me twice already I was waiting for my gf to get out of the store sittin in the car she calls. It does not ring but instead her call goes straight to the voice mail. While she was calling I was watching a youtube video. and only the voice mail chime plays. This is just the...
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    Alarm feature failed?

    So I was suppose to wake up today set iPhone alarm for 830 am to help the lady next door with yard work at 9 am. And it didn't alarm! I woke up at 930am and only then when I pressed the top button of the iPhone thats when it sounded and clicked ok to stop it. Last week it worked fine for me I...
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    auto-check mail feature

    -Is it just my phone or is it that the auto-check mail feature where I have the option how often it checks for mail only do it if you are on the edge network or is it suppose to do it also when you are in wifi. Mine seems to only check mail when I am on wifi every time I click on the mail...
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    Back to the main menu

    sometimes when I am just web browsing or using the map feature It goes back to the main menu even if I do not press the MM button. This happens rarely but sometimes get annoying. Is there a finger movement combination that makes it go back to the MM without you pressing the MM button? Does this...
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    Family Plan

    Im on a family plan and got the iPhone after changing plan it says that I have unlimited data... is the unlimited data just for me or does that unlimited data also apply to my mom dads and sister Moto Razr phone? thanks