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    iPhone Class Action Suit

    Could'nt Agree More!
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    iPhone has MAJOR problems

    The volume on my iPhone is terrible, just the pits! I am talking about when using the iPhone as a Phone by holding it up to your ear to talk on. This is a complete waste and needs to be fixed. Please someone at Apple hear our cry. As for everyone that was luckily enough to get one of the...
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    iPhone volume is a problem

    That is cool. Can you tell us what model you have. This is under Settings General>>About. That might help in tring to understand this Low Volume mess. Mine is very, very low on the internal spearker at the top of the phone. Thanks... -howard
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    Can only hear calls on headset on speaker phone

    Do you mean headset as in the earbuds that you plug in to the phone. I see most iPhone volume issues are Low Volume problems with the iPhone that are reported from the small speaker at the top of the iPhone referred to as the receiver in the users guide. A lot of people may be using the earbuds...
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    Post your model # and any issues with your iPhone.

    MA712 8gb Can't hear through the Receiver. Volume too low! The receiver is the speaker that you hold up to your ear when holding the iPhone in your hand. (ref: iPhone Manual). Also low volume on other phone functions. iPod features and bottom speaker is working great. All other...
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    iPhone volume is a problem

    The small speaker that you hold up to your ear when holding the iPhone is referred to in the users manual as the "Receiver." My Volume on the iPhone is to low to use as a phone, period! I have let others check this and all agree that it is not going work for them if it is not fixed. The...
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    A Thought on Volume Problems

    I have been reading the LOW VOLUME is on the receiver (Part that you hold up to your ear while holding the iPhone) is very, very low. The the point for a lot of people that it does not make for a usable phone call. My Speaker for iPod functions is just find, louder than I expected. The phone...
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    Can only hear calls on headset on speaker phone

    Please call Apple Support and get a case number for this problem. This is the only way a mega company like Apple is going to know about the volume issue. My receiver (slit-speaker at top of phone) on the iPhone is too low to get any use from. I called Apple and they are looking into this for...
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    Hard time hearing callers on iPhone

    Low Volume on Calls My phone is terrible when holding it up to my ear to hear when making calls. I have called Apple Support and they started a case number. If you have not talked to Apple, then they will not know that you have a problem. Please pick up the phone and call them. They are...
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    iPhone Software Update As Soon As July 5?

    Low Volume on Calls They need to fix the volume when holding the phone up to my ear the volume is to low on the iPhone this way. I think this complaint is so wide that Apple must know about this. The internal speaker for cell phone calls is terrible. I love the phone, but I hope they fix this.
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    list your iPhone issues here....

    Low Volume The volume on my iPhone is FAR too low for me to be able to get much use from the phone without using the earbuds. Both the bottom speaker on the phone and the internal top speaker that you put up to your ear are worthless if Apple can not make these louder. There is nothing...