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  1. ahactor

    iPhone Data Plan/ SIM in Another Phone- Calling all iPhone Users!

    Heylo people of EiP! Well, I am finally getting my iPhone, haha. Although, I need a few questions answered. Before you "Google/Search button Nazis" come at me for asking these things, I did search and found many answers, but they all contradicted themselves. =] So, this following question is...
  2. ahactor

    Just checkin'! =]

    Hey guys! Been a long time, I have been SO busy! Anyway, I will finally have enough money soon for an iPhone, and I just needed to make sure that these things I am hearing are actually true, haha. 1.) Is the iPhone SIM actually compatible with other phones? 2.) If I put the iPhone SIM into...
  3. ahactor

    question from the sad little kid who couldn't get his iPhone.

    Well, I probably will not be getting an iPhone for another month. And that is all fine and dandy, and I think I can hang in for a little longer. I do have one question though. Are there any features on it that weren't announced like we expected? I just got back from work and quickly browsed...
  4. ahactor

    iPhone plans question-texting

    Okay, first off, I am under the "existing customer" category. So, my plans are $20, $30, and $40 options. So, I was wondering if I get the $30/month one, and then find out that I use more than 1500 messages, will AT&T let me upgrade to the $40/month one? Or am I stuck with it for two years?
  5. ahactor

    What do you think will be announced today? (Friday, June 22, 2007)

    Make your predictions here! And when you're right, rub it in everyone's faces! =] I doubt it will happen, but I really hope they will release some more info on that Data Plan!
  6. ahactor

    What is the first thing you will do?

    What is the first thing you will do after your iPhone is bought, out of the package, and turned on? After drooling for a bit, I am gonna see what is under that Settings Menu! =P =]
  7. ahactor

    Any new info today?

    Unfortunately, I was unable to be on much today, I had work and soccer practice. Was there any new info released today? I tried looking through the Forums, and all I saw was the usual.
  8. ahactor

    iPhone Dreams

    Okay, face it! we are OBSESSED! So, I was wondering if anyone has had any interesting iPhone Dreams? I had one last night/this morning. I am a very artsy person. I play 9 instruments, am an actor, and I love to sing. So, my Dreams often have music and underscores to them. And last night, after...
  9. ahactor

    A thread for us sad little kiddies who won't be getting a phone on time. D=

    Well, I realize that there are very few little kiddies here, haha, but still. The point is, some of us just can't get the phone on time! I'm hoping I will be able to get it within a month after. I am a 16-year-old kid who works part-time at Staples as a Sales Associate/ Front End Assistant...
  10. ahactor

    I just had a sneaky thought....

    A very sneaky thought indeed. =] Sooooooooo... since it is possible that existing AT&T Customers such as myself that ARE eligible for an upgrade to get a new phone for free, can we still do so? My sneaky thought is, I could get a two-year contract, a free phone, then buy the iPhone because...
  11. ahactor


    Well, I am pretty much addicted to MSN. So, my question is, can you download MSN onto your phone? The iPhone runs OSX, and you can download MSN on a mac with OSX. So, could you do that for an iPhone? Or, would you just need to use a company like ebuddy to access MSN? I guess this can also be...
  12. ahactor

    Should I buy a refurbished iPhone?

    So, I was on the Cingular web site the other day looking at plans. And I just kinda slipped over into looking at some phones. I then looked at some of the refurbished iPhones just for the heck of it. I was shocked to see how much of a price deduction there was on them! Would it be a good idea to...
  13. ahactor

    Should I heed this warning?

    I was talking to a mac-enthusiast friend of mine via MSN, and she told me to wait on buying an iPhone. When asked why, she said that it would probably have a lot of issues with it at the first launch, just simple bugs and errors that would needed to be fixed. So, she said I should wait about a...
  14. ahactor

    I'm a little hesitant....

    Okay, so a few days ago, a user named "chelsea" came in and made the offer to buy an iPhone fore $250, because her company was selling them for people to test them. I was a little worried/hesistant at first, but I e-mailed her, and it seems to be legit. However, I noticed all of her messages are...