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  1. SiLeNtKiLLa

    T-mobile on 1.1.1 iPhone?

    Yes it will, read up on how to do it and follow the steps too the "T"!
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    hey, you can get this theme from, downloads section called Gunmetal Redux. As far as the slider, I didn't create it but I will try to make it the colors your asking. Also for the background too work you have to have showing on the homescreen, the backround is the icon...
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    My New Screen..... I resized the images from an great creation by a guy Bohemy at To view all his icons in this suite visit... For a quick screenshot... If you...
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    Goodbye Hacked Ringtones

    Well you know right after unchecking anything thats synced it will wipe it out, try unchecking and then re-transferring your ringtones and then sync and see what happens.
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    Modimus Picimus

    Still could have been posted at end of thread, it still would have been seen by all. But good mods anyway.
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    Modimus Picimus

    Theres a thread here under iPhone modifications called something linke Change SMS Bubble... theres many different colors in that thread, download what you want and copy to folder (I think thats the name of it) Better Yet Go Here...
  7. SiLeNtKiLLa

    Goodbye Hacked Ringtones

    I believe if you uncheck the Sync Ringtones box in iTunes, then it doesn't tamper with your modded ringtones, I may be wrong, but I thought I read that somewhere.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Just download the two images and drop them into the folder, you shouldnt have to rename them as they should already be applied with the correct name.
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    Anyone tried third party app "iLight" yet?

    This app deffiently comes in handy.
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    Just unlocked my phone

    software unlock without taking phone apart is what he is referring too....but as I said, he just disappears off of threads about this after questioning if he or the software is legit. Funny huh?
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    Weird icon on homescreen?

    If your talking about the icon thats in the shape of an "A" with pencil and paper and pen, thats the default icon for an app that is installed that doesn't have an custom icon created for it. You need to either drop an icon.png into that folder so that you can have the icon of choice for that...
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    Im hated for making someone like the iPhone...

    don't you guys find it funny that people would knock the iPhone or you for having an iPhone and say things like No phone is worth $600 for a phone? But if you offered them an iPhone or the firs Nokia to ever come out, phone paid for, their monthly service paid for, and the contract is on you...
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    Just unlocked my phone

    Well to be honest, what exactly would an screenshot do? You would actually need video of him swapping the AT&T sim and the Orange sime in and out and showing service. But it seems that when ever someone asks him a particualr question about the unlock as far as proof if its real or not, theres...
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    Just unlocked my phone

    hhhhmmm.... seems like the site is down, mind selling a copy of your unlock software?
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    1.0.2 Update...Its improved battery

    hhhhhhhhmmmmmm @ title of thread......... I have to take this thread off topic because I'm curious to know what was the point of the "Dummies" and what makes us "Dummies?" about an update?
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    Can I use my current AT&T SIM Card

    No you can't No you don't have too My recommendation, search around you shall find your answer, and please, please, please mod your iPhone, it only makes it sexier.
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    The easiest way to add 3rd party apps to date!

    Wow this thread quickly got off topic...
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    We need SNES

    KILLER INSTINCT would be SeXXy on the iPhone, but crazy ass hell to try and play.
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    Copy HTML to iPhone

    How are you going to access the files locally through the URL if safari is going to search for the link via internet and not locally on your iPhone?
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Search around....theres a thread dedicated too it.... its in iPhone Modifications somewhere.