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  1. tharmsen

    When will we get our phones?

    I was curious, will Apple ship the pre-order phones on the 24th, meaning we'll get them 5 to 7 days later? Or will they ship them sooner allowing them to arrive around the 24th? I can't wait to get my hands on my new phone. I totally skipped the 3GS and stuck with the 3G until now. The new...
  2. tharmsen

    What's the proper name and file size of the 3.0 GM?

    I downloaded a file from a torrent site and want to make sure I'm not about to install something screwed up to my phone. File name: iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw OSX reports the file size as: 230.1MB Is this legit?
  3. tharmsen

    So am I going to lose all of my paid apps?

    I'm probably going to give in to the 3G and pick one up here one of these days when I can walk into my Apple store and walk out with the one I want (16GB Black). I was thinking last night as I was buying stuff in the App Store... am I going to lose all of the purchases I made when I get the new...
  4. tharmsen

    This is cool...

    So I get my first notice that there are apps which need upgrading today by firmware 2.0. Loopt and Facebook are the apps that have updates waiting for them. I install them, then go to sync and guess what? The sync hangs indefinitely and never completes. Nice.
  5. tharmsen

    AT&T activation problems - people being turned away

    Looks like people are experiencing all sorts of problems... how frustrating. The funny thing is, a guy posted this morning that due to activation problems the AT&T store sent him home with his iPhone in the box (unopened). He was then able to activate the phone through iTunes just like we did...
  6. tharmsen

    Jott - have you gotten it to work?

    So I installed Jott and went through the setup screen then it goes to this screen. I got my activation code via SMS but now there's nothing I can do to input the activation code. From this screen the only thing I can find to do is to hit the home button. No matter what, I can't get to a...
  7. tharmsen

    v2.0 Exchange support problems... bugs

    So, when I attempt to setup my exchange service, everything goes smoothly until it prompts you to enter your password. Once you enter your password, it tells you that you will start receiving data once you set a new "passcode". Neither I nor my IT department knows what a passcode is (note, not...
  8. tharmsen

    Apple SDK prevents turn-by-turn directions with GPS It would appear that Apple is contractually prohibiting developers like TomTom from developing turn-by-turn GPS software for the iPhone 3G. This is a new change to the SDK agreement and may be why originally TomTom announced...
  9. tharmsen

    iPhone 3G to use cheaper (lower quality) iPod LCD

    It would appear that in a cost cutting move Apple has decided to use the cheaper and lower quality iPod Touch LCD in their new 3G phones. Here's a comparison between the original iPhone screen and the iPod Touch...
  10. tharmsen

    3G pics!

    Check it out folks. These are the first pictures of the new iPhone 3G! It's a big change from the first generation model. What do you think?
  11. tharmsen

    New Featurs of iPhone 2.0

    I thought I would create a thread dedicated to all the cool new features of iPhone 2.0 so we can avoid having 100 threads dedicated to different features. One of the cool new features we've talked about a lot is the ability to save pictures. Check out this screen shot... we can save pics...
  12. tharmsen

    iPhone 2.0 games

    It's looking like developers are creating some amazing games for the iPhone. A company called Digital Legends Entertainment has a new role playing game (3D) that has been described as having "God of War like graphics somewhere between the DS and PSP". That's pretty impressive for a phone!
  13. tharmsen

    Some Apple stores globally are down.... It looks like something big is happening! :D
  14. tharmsen

    It's funny, the buzz around the office

    Today the office is totally a buzz about the pending announcement of the new iPhone. Some people think it will go on sale today, others (like me) think it will go on sale sometime next week (after the 15th). I have to admit, the excitement is contagious. I really would love nothing more than...
  15. tharmsen

    Oh, you got to love the lock-ups

    This one was my favorite. :D
  16. tharmsen

    Alright, I am SO SICK of Apple...

    I am so sick of Apple doing cool things and making me spend more money. Who else is spending way too much time and money in the new iTunes store on their iPhone? I can't stop surfing the store now... I think I've purchased at least 20 new songs since the patch. I just thank the Apple Gods...
  17. tharmsen

    Is the new iPod (Touch) in stores yet?

    On the website it says "ships Sept 28th". I haven't ventured over to my local Apple store yet to check, so I figured I would ask if anyone knows. I would like to get one before the 15th as a present.
  18. tharmsen

    If you're in the Mofia the iPhone isn't for you. The only way to avoid this surveillance is to "remove the battery"... well, we don't have that option. If you're in the Mob can you get a refund?
  19. tharmsen

    I'm so stoked!

    I got my first G4 Powerbook today. We had a bunch of old (2 years old) Powerbooks (1.67ghz / 1gb RAM, 17" monitor) from people that quit and our company phased them out, so I got one for a song! I already have a new Intel Macbook I use daily, but I'm so drawn to this older Mac, it's just so...
  20. tharmsen

    OMG, I just clicked "check for update" and

    ...nothing. I figured we needed just one more thread today about the pending update... :p