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  1. imotionb18

    MacBook Pro Apple return policy for Mac Book Pro

    So I'm hearing the rumors of the New mac book line coming as early as next week. I purchased my Mac book about a week and a half ago. What is Apples return policy? 14 days 30 days? I would hate to take my mac book back if these rumors turn out to be false.
  2. imotionb18

    MacBook Pro Invisible Shield Question

    So I finally picked up my Macbook pro, and of course I'm terrified of scratching the thing. I really would like to avoid putting a case of it because I think that it will take away from the look of it (feel the same way about my phone). Does anyone actually have the invisible shield on their...
  3. imotionb18

    Question on returning iPhone 4

    I've been waiting for the 4.1 update to fix some issues that I've been having with my phone (yellow pics/prox censor). Honeslty I'm pretty tired of waiting for a fix. I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel yet, but will I have problems trying to replace my phone if I'm past my 30 day purchase...