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  1. Ace4261991

    question about selling iPhone 3GS to get iPhone 4

    I purchased my iPhone 3gs last year on launch day. My question is that if i sell it on ebay now and then use a blackberry for the next few weeks until the iPhone 4 comes out will it affect my eligibility to upgrade at the 299/399 pricing? Will att see that i am no longer using an iPhone and...
  2. Ace4261991

    What Do you guys think i should do?

    So ive had a white 16gb iPhone 3g since launch day. and i had teh original iPhone since its launchday too. i sold the V1 and got the 3g when it came out for 299 no problems. this time around i am not eligible for the 199 upgrade price for a 16gb 3gs and i understand that. So I set an...
  3. Ace4261991

    Push notifications?

    So ive been looking all morning and i have yet to see anyone talk about the push notifications that is supposed to be implemented in 3.0 beta 2. am i wrong? I cant find any instance of push notifications on my iPhone which is 3.0 beta 2. i tried aim and other things. Would anyone like to point...
  4. Ace4261991

    looks like they took out "All iPhone Applications"...

    this sucks. they took out the all iPhone applications page and i cant even find a way to view them all together so now this means we will never know when new apps come out and which ones... the NEW category sucks because it shows like 10 apps that came out within the past week or so.. when...
  5. Ace4261991

    Custom Carrier name and battery stayed after 2.1 update..

    anything like this happen to anyone else after updating? i still have my custom carrier and battery which is pretty cool. i haven't noticed anything else that stayed tho. ill post a pic soon
  6. Ace4261991

    Awsome Animation My Sister Made Using FlipBook she used flipbook and made this animation which took a couple hundred pages . ive tried making some stuff but im not as good lol. lemme know what you guys think
  7. Ace4261991

    iPhone still taking FOREVER to back up?

    so before 2.0.1 my iPhone would take long to back up (maybe 30 mins) but now after its takes over 1 hour. this cant be right. somone mentioned before that it might be a corrupt backup thats causing this and to delete the back up i usually use and re back up so i did that the other day and it...
  8. Ace4261991

    check your WiFi, 3G, Edge speeds! great site to test your internet speed. do it a couple times for each connection (wifi,3g or edge) because sometimes it goes eitehr too low or too high so i just kept doing it until i got speeds that were about the same for each connection. hold the home button and then hit the...
  9. Ace4261991

    Takes forever to sync/backup iPhone 3G

    is this happening to everyone else? everytime i sync my iPhone to iTunes when it gets to the end and says "backing up" it takes about ten mins to back up. on my old iPhone it used to sync the iPhone fast. is this happening to everyone or is it just me?
  10. Ace4261991

    (GAME) Chopper for iPhone coming july 11th with app store

    INFO HERE the games called chopper and you can download the MAC version here (might be a trial or demo i don't remember) i don't know if any of you guys ever played this game but its really fun. i played it in class last year...
  11. Ace4261991

    Tips for selling iPhone on eBay!

    Actual Article Here i took some stuff out and edited it so its more accurate since the original article was written before the iPhone 3g was announced. i did not write this credit goes to gizmondo. if anyone wants to add any more tips go ahead :laugh2: What to Include Since most of the auctions...
  12. Ace4261991

    so i sold my iPhone... (question)

    so i sold my iPhone a couple weeks ago for 375 and i was wondering they'll still let me get the iPhone 3g because i read that they will be separating the lines with new customers and existing iPhone owners.. but if i don't have an iPhone atm will it matter anyways? cant they just look at my...
  13. Ace4261991

    need help with customize 2.0 running 1.1.4

    yeah i cant get customize 2.0 on my 1.1.4 to show any packages i download from installer like "designer image set 2" or, "Jpolynice sound set" thinsg like that. they don't show up in customize 2 after i download them. so i cant swap out any of the image files with customize because of this. any...
  14. Ace4261991

    wow! got my iPhone replaced last night. very pleased.

    well ive been having problems with my home button for the past few months. it would never work unless i pushed it harder then usual. so i figured id wait till the jailbreak for 1.1.3 came out and then id restore and upgrade my iPhone and take it in to get replaced. so i did that last night and...
  15. Ace4261991

    Hold certain letters on keyboard brings up different laungage..

    since when was this a feature? i just noticed today by accident that holding down certain letters such as A, U, N, Z, and some others brings up an additional set of letters that are differnet laungauges i guess. i never noticed this until now am i late or do you guys not know about this either...
  16. Ace4261991

    new app a day app- Quest

    this is like burb except it tells you what to photograph and the "quests" change every now and then (im not sure how long in between changes) so for example before it said take a picture of somthing inside a store. so you either take a pic of it or you can look at everyones current pics of...
  17. Ace4261991

    home button less responsive? (1.1.1)

    maybe its just me but has anyone else noticed that the home button is less responsive? It seems that after tbe update I have to press it much harder than I'm used to to get it to respond. Whenever I press it to go home it doesn't work all the time and I always have trouble double tapping of to...
  18. Ace4261991

    New app (SMSD) Delete single text messages

    well i remember someone here requesting a app to delete single text messages and now it out on installer! go check it out. it shows you your latest text messages but it shows it in a list thats by the phone numbers not names (hopefully theyll fixx this in an update) so you just go throuh them...
  19. Ace4261991

    customize/ rbst problem

    well all my icons and stuff were perfectly fine until i updates customize to the newest version then i noticed that there were only 3 icons on my dock insted of 4 it took off the ipod one i checked to make sure the dock seetings were to 4 icons and it was but i cant get my ipod icon to go back...
  20. Ace4261991

    Did you update? a poll for all modders

    i am not going to update until a new version of ibrickr or anything comes out that is compatible with the new firmware what about you