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    I want my iPhone to look like the Sat. phone from Lost. ..

    haha awesome request... Lost FTW :)
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    For those who fear bricking the iPhone

    You psycho :2cool: Thanks tho!
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    Exchangeable iPhone...timeframe?

    Yep. hehe, i'm on my third iPhone. First one had No Wifi after 48hours, they gave me new one at the store. Second time was 3 weeks later with a touch screen error so they sent it off. I got another new phone in the mail 2 days later and a statement under warranty. The second time there, the...
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    Screen Issues....

    Well, final verdict. Phone Replacement under Warranty! About 2:30pm Thursday they took my phone at the Apple Store. I got my phone sometime this morning. (Saturday) My error was bottom part of screen (whole slider lock area) woulding take input. I had modded my phone before using various...
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    Screen Issues....

    If you look on the back of the loaner, it should have "AppleCare Service" branded above "iPhone". They give you the loaner out of their fedex box that they end up shipping YOUR phone in, and in turn ship back to you. My loaner was brand new, but i'd assume they would loan used ones in the future.
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    Screen Issues....

    I had a screen problem too. Bottom of the screen wouldn't react to touch.. Actually i was able to unlock barely but it took ALOT of feeling around and sliding to get it to do that, but the lower icons wouldn't work. I had initially thought it had something to do with new skin i modded to it...
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    No more "click" UI sound even after restore.

    Its happening to me too. The sound "clicks" when you go to sound settings and toggle the click On from Off, but does not anywhere else.