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  1. HELPmepLox

    Oakley Unobtainium case

    Anyone have it? I am thinking of getting it. Yes it's bulky but I'm an outdoor person n the unobtainium element which is practically indestructible + I'm a fan of Oakley products.
  2. HELPmepLox

    not eligible for $199/299 !WTeff omg i sold my iPhone a week ago... im still paying for the iPhone data plan and everything hjsdghskjgklghdfg ! my bad theres just apost about this alread oops sorry >>...
  3. HELPmepLox

    recently activated it!

    i just found out how to set it on repeat etc.. haha but there no skip button when the phone is suddenly asleep? and about calling all it says is miss calls or all there no way of telling incoming or outgoing calls what the heck? plus there nothing indicating i have a miss call or msg unleast...
  4. HELPmepLox

    u guys heard of this? so damn funny i would buy one if they had in black or blue not a brown one... :laugh2: well im thinking of buying the invisibleshield and then one of those vaja cases
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    EMAIL -@#*!~ < standout? heh

    well i made a gmail account just for the email was wonder whats the best email? yahoo / gmail / etc....
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    all iPhone app. !@$#woah

    just saw this on woah easy as pie just this really neat
  7. HELPmepLox

    videora converter

    i use dvd decrypter then videora everythings fine for me but for some reason i cant get the youtube videos off videora anyone else have suggestion and uhh the movie black hawk down it always convert to 51% and stop trouble shooting then saids error 100000 and i look it up it said that file does...
  8. HELPmepLox

    Are there any application differences when using an iPhone on T-Mobile?

    so any differences from application on iPhone after unlock to tmobile i heard u cant use that fancy voicemail and youtube? i might unlock because then i wont have to be tied to 2yrs and i can travel with it without the at&T roaming rate
  9. HELPmepLox

    unlocking is eZ-#*@~!

    i can get my phone unlock ez but one thing im worried is that Apple could just patch this right up with a firmwarre update or something and then i would be screw'd huh
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    woah i start school soon... i got wake up 7:25 am thats like 4 less hr i normally wake up.. i never had to use the headphones they came with but they suck i got to say.... i had it for almost 2months now i just nevered unpackage the headphones... so what r some good ear buds u guys recommend...
  11. HELPmepLox

    blu-ray DVD to iPhone

    i use DVD decrypter then videora but was wondering all the disc i got was widescreen so i will probably get those black bar top and bottom but am curious if i bought a blu-ray movie would it be clearer when i upload it to my iPhone?
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    charge HELPpLox

    so uhh is it actually charging after u turned off while it is plugged in
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    2 iPhone 2yr contract?

    my brother in-law bought his iPhone ardy he said he hasn't got a chance to open it yet and activate it. my plans ends in alil more then 2weeks.. i got my plan with my dad but its 1yr with some oversea imported phones and its ending. i wanan grab an iPhone so since my brother inlaw has 1. was...
  14. HELPmepLox

    AT&T contract question?

    was wonder i normally get my subscription for these 1 yr contract at some asian dealer which has all these imported over sea phone etc... w/ 1 yr contract and pretty much we can bargain and stuff for are new phones.... someone told me we can do this before but im not exactly sure how this work...