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  1. DeadSpider

    Anyone here married?

    I have been married about 5 years now. I have been with my wife since '95 (or was it '96 *shrugs*) We have 2 boys... 9 & 4 years old And yes.... Happy as can be:)
  2. DeadSpider

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    Welcome to the club, there are a few of us here. Grats on the iPhone. ")
  3. DeadSpider

    so is anyone still having problems with...

    iPhone #2, and this one's safari crashes all the time too.
  4. DeadSpider

    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    29 as of a few days ago.
  5. DeadSpider

    What does Your Avatar Mean?

    Not sure what mine means really...I like Spiders? :)
  6. DeadSpider

    What adapter do I need....

    Thank you, I looked for a long while with no luck. And aways.... Quality is what matters , not price. :)
  7. DeadSpider

    What adapter do I need....

    I just noticed the little boom box at work has an Audio In port in the back.Anyone know what cable I need to plug my iPhone into it with?
  8. DeadSpider

    Screen Issues....

    Hrmmmm..... Yes I like it better, no wear marks on the back. As far as the screen goes... Not worried about what series it is. I will list it later just because you inquired about it.
  9. DeadSpider

    Screen Issues....

    Brand spanking new:) Now I have to worry about scratches all over again.
  10. DeadSpider

    Screen Issues....

    I did not like paying 30 bucks for the loaner but I had to. Also an update...... I just got my replacement phone in today. Just have to send the loaner back and all is done.
  11. DeadSpider

    More Failed Calls

    I have been with Cingular/At&t for over five years now. I live roughly 1.5 miles from our local tower. I get more drops and poor signal with my iPhone than any other phone I have ever owned on this network. My wife has two nokias ATM, same network, no drops and mostly always full bars. ...
  12. DeadSpider

    Screen Issues....

    The only mods I had were rings. But I did not re-add them after I updated. I was a little worried if there was a blackbox of sorts on the phone, guess not. *QUICK EDIT* @Street ..... thanks for the info, I never noticed it said that on the back. And yes, I did have to check in disbelief...
  13. DeadSpider

    Screen Issues....

    Shipped my broke phone out at 4pm yesterday 08-02-07. Today I get home from work with a reply from Apple waiting :) If they replaced it, why did they not just have me keep the loaner. It seems to be brand new. FedEx states I will have my package Monday :) I have to ask.... is Apple this way...
  14. DeadSpider

    My iPhone Touchscreen broke - iPhone sent away for 3 days about.

    Yes they use iPhones, I got my loaner in the other day...FedEX shipped in 2 days time flat.
  15. DeadSpider

    Help with windows error please!

    System Idle Process just represents free system resources. [correct me if I am wrong] Don't you just love windows. I reinstall XP every 3 months on all my comps to keep them running smooth. *EDIT* Also, before randomly closing processes, make sure you know what they are to avoid problems...
  16. DeadSpider

    What do you drive or ride?

    2003 Ford Excursion Eddie Baur 6.0L TurboDiesel 2002 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L Looking to get a play car in the coming year.
  17. DeadSpider

    Screen Issues....

    Well today at 2pm FedEX delivered my loaner. Now I just have to drop of my broke phone to the FedEX shop. I am surprised how fast the process is going thus far. I just can not stop laughing at the SIM removal tool that Apple sent in the kit. I hope this iPaperClip is patented properly. :2cool:
  18. DeadSpider

    Screen Issues....

    AT&T Wirless was useless and a tad bit rude. I called the 1-800 number and by Friday I will have a loaner and do the old switch-a-roo. I went ahead and got the Apple Care Protection Plan while I was at it. I hope when all is said and done I will not have any more issues.
  19. DeadSpider

    Screen Issues....

    Well, I was using the phone texting and made a few calls prior to the screen not responding. As in with in 5 minutes or so of putting my phone back into my pocket. I went to text and that was it...dead. No water, no drop, no nothing.
  20. DeadSpider

    Screen Issues....

    The lower half of my screen stopped responding to touch. From the row with the clock on down my screen is dead to touch, I can not even answer a call. I tried a few resets and when I got home a restore. Is there anything else I can try? If not, do I bring it back to AT&T Wireless Store where I...