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  1. FlwrPwer

    Penn Staters Unite

    I know there are quite a few of us on this forum....and there are also Penn State Fans. As an alum, I am having a hard time dealing with everything that is going on at my beloved Penn State right now. My heart is breaking and I feel that I need some place to share good memories of the school...
  2. FlwrPwer

    Visitor Messages Moderated?

    Quick question: Why are my visitor messages moderated? Did I do something wrong? Is Big Brother watching me? :029:eyeswideopen
  3. FlwrPwer

    Back to the Future

    So....AMC has been playing BTTF every day this past week and well I've watched it way too much. But I digress. Tomorrow we will be 4 years away from the year 2015....the year Marty goes to in BTTF 2. It never ceases to amaze me just how off the "predictions" of the future were in this movie...
  4. FlwrPwer

    A Job!

    Okay, so I wasn't going to post a thread, but I'm so excited, I have to share it. As many people know, education is facing a crisis in this country and many teachers have been laid off--300,000 total. NY is slowly imploding and I was one of the laid off teachers. I was an elementary...
  5. FlwrPwer

    For all the Girls: Eclipse!

    Anybody going to see Eclipse tomorrow, or possibly tonight at midnight? Are you excited about this as me? hehehehe P.S. Guys who are going to bash this (ahem, Hippo) prepare for the wrath of me! :dft012:wink
  6. FlwrPwer

    First Day of Summer Vacay and Already Bored

    Ok, so it's the first day of summer vacation for me....and indirectly unemployment since I was an unlucky laid off teacher this year....and already I'm bored. hahahaha My goal for tomorrow is to get dressed. Is that bad? Anyway, just wondering if anybody is in the same position as me...
  7. FlwrPwer

    FaceTime is pretty cool!

    Well, our very own Rick (up10ad) popped my FaceTime cherry tonight. Very cool.... Only problem: now I have to worry about how I look on the phone! hahahaha.
  8. FlwrPwer

    Apps and Multitasking

    I haven't seen this asked yet...not even sure anybody has even thought about it with all the preorder drama going on but.... Will apps need to be rewritten to accommodate multi-tasking like they did for push services? Or will they just run in the background the way they are now? Anybody...
  9. FlwrPwer

    Recycling iPhone 3G

    Okay guys, so I finally get to upgrade. I'm getting my iPhone 4 on June 24th. Yay! My dad found out that if I recycle my 3G I can get $112 for it. It has no damage, including water. Do you think this is a smart thing to do? I'm facing unemployment as I was laid off from my teacher's...
  10. FlwrPwer

    iPhone 3G lag using Blackra1n

    Ok, so I was talking to Dave in chat and we decided to start a thread about actual lag times of the 3G after being jailbroken with blackra1n. Apparently lag is not something the 3gs owners have to worry about. This is a dealbreaker for me. If theres lag, I probably will not do it. So let's...
  11. FlwrPwer

    7 from 1000....i joined the reveal party!

    So I joined the Reveal Party with Yancy and Sean even though I haven't officially hit 1000 posts yet. It'll happen sometime soon, I promise. Anyway, my name is Karen and I'm a 30 year old teacher in New York. Suburban NY, about 60 miles Northwest of NYC. I have been a teacher for the past...
  12. FlwrPwer

    3G + Push + AIM = BIG lag?

    Hey-- Many of you know that I'm an AIM junkie. I have the free AIM app on my 3g....and push works great. It makes the app so much more functional. But anyway, when I get a push IM, it can take up to 5 minutes for the app to load and then for me to be able to start typing.... Has...
  13. FlwrPwer

    What are you avoiding?

    Almost everyone here is visiting and probably avoiding some task or another. I'm currently avoiding my lesson plans for the week. I only have two more grades to go though. I should just bite the bullet, but I don't wanna do them. I'm also watching last week's Heroes. I was distracted...
  14. FlwrPwer

    MacBook Air I just got my MacBook Air

    Well, I finally got one. I bought a refurbed one, which will be just fine for what I want to use it for...which is basically internet and chatting when i'm in the living room or not at home. Anyway, right now i'm transferring files from my old powerbook. Its gonna be awhile, but I cant wait...
  15. FlwrPwer

    3G Battery Woes = New iPhone

    So, I've been having severe battery issues with my 3G. Yesterday, I got approximately 3 hours of usage before I got to 10% battery life. It has gotten to the point where I have to charge the battery at least twice a day, sometimes 3 times. So, instead of just ordering the Mophie Juice Pack...
  16. FlwrPwer

    Want to create a theme on my own....Not sure where to start?

    Hey guys, I'm interested in creating a theme, but I'm not quite sure where to start. I have looked at themes that I have put onto my desktop from the iPhone so I know all the extensions and dimensions I need. I guess my biggest thing is using photoshop. I've used a few times, but a...
  17. FlwrPwer

    Track Santa

    This is a fun website I go to every year with my family to "track" Santa. Enjoy!
  18. FlwrPwer

    My 3G thinks I'm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Ok, so I went to use my GPS today and it located me in Turkey. The country, not gobble, gobble! Anyway, I'm from NY. I tried powering it off/on but that didn't help. I also turned location services off and then back on. That didn't work. Any ideas on how to fix this and get me back...
  19. FlwrPwer

    Having some Trouble Jailbreaking

    Ok, so I'm following the tutorial on how to jailbreak using QuickPwn for Macs. I got all the files, but I cannot mount the QuickPwn_2.2.dmg file on my computer. I keep getting it's "not recognized" How do I fix this issue? Any help. I'm using a brand new iMac. I'm trying to...
  20. FlwrPwer

    Going to do it, but need some help....

    Ok, so I want to jailbreak my phone. 3G running 2.1 firmware. I have the directions to do it using my imac and am fairly confident with that part. The part I'm not so sure about is the stuff AFTER the jailbreaking is complete. I would really love someone to sorta walk me through...