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    Win the Verizon iPhone from everythingiCafe

    I would like to win the VZW iPhone because I would like to get rid of AT&T as I constantly lose calls and signal strength at my home is 50% at best. Thanks!
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    BMW issues

    Hi, I will be picking up an 05 545i, fully loaded. One question for you. Does it have an IPod connector?
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    What Apps Are You Getting...?

    Here you go, to add to my previous post. WOOHOO
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    What Apps Are You Getting...?

    Looks like AIM will be available on the iPhone App Store. The new Guided Tour shows the app store and AIM is in the featured list. WOOHOO!
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    Will Apple add MMS feature to iPhone?

    Yeah, it sucks when someone send me a pic message and I have to log into a website to get the pic. Sucks. Even if the resolution for video recording is less than max, it would be much better than nothing. Perhaps they are worried that people will fill the iPhone up with music and movies that...
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    OMG my screen just totally cracked.

    Did you happen to check out the Seidio rubberized hard case? It is a fairly nice case, and adds barely any thickness to it.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.4 Thread

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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.4 Thread

    You will be surprised how much better a Mac runs than Windows. And the fact that you can run Bootcamp, then use Parallels within OSX to run that partition of Windows makes it a no-brainer for which computer to buy.
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    IPhoto Events not syncing to iPhone post-1.1.3

    My IPhoto events are not syncing to my iPhone post-1.1.3. They don't even show up in the list in iTunes, but they are there in IPhoto. Am I missing something, a setting or whatever? TIA.
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

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    ODD symbol on iPhone

    Could be that your area has an inconsistent connection. You might also try rebooting the device, or doing a restore, after backing up of course.
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    Porting from Verizon

    -Call quality is fine. No better or worse than VZW. -Coverage is better in some places and worse in others. This just depends. I would say that AT&T and VZW have the same coverage. Obviously some locales will have AT&T signal and no VZW, and vice versa. -ETF is $175 with VZW. Find out if...
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    Things You "dislike"(hate) about your iPhone

    I hate the fact that it doesn't reset randomly like my Treo did. I hate the fact that browsing the internet is not using WAP pages or text only pages, it uses the full web page of nearly all the sites you would go to. I hate the fact that the music player on it works flawlessly, without...
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    Issue when emailing photos from iPhone.

    after deleting my email account, then re-entering it fixed this problem. weird. I could get email, but sending wasn't working.
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    Issue when emailing photos from iPhone.

    Edit to the original post. The email never gets sent. It crashes just before. WiFi or EDGE. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
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    Issue when emailing photos from iPhone.

    I am using WiFi.
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    Issue when emailing photos from iPhone.

    When I email a picture from the library on the iPhone, the email sends, then the phone goes rights to the home screen. This indicates a crash. But it happens every time I email a photo. I use a Yahoo email account on the iPhone. Anyone else see this, if it is indeed a problem? I don't...
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    When will AT&T go Nation wide with 3G

    Why does it matter when AT&T will go 3G nationwide? The iPhone doesn't have it anyway. As for the iPhone, I would hope they get it into the iPhone by end of 2008.
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    No Third-party Apps on iPhone Says Jobs

    I agree with the Apple wanting a monopoly, but I would say, would you rather have a Windows Mobile-based phone, that would crash and lag all the time? Or do you like having the OSX powered device that is stable and everything actually works? I know that the WM phones would not bring down the...
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    Say NO to the 'O' - HAVE A LOOK SEE AND SIGN UP :)

    I think the problem is that most of the UK is on HSPDA (or whatever), not Edge, and the coverage for regular EDGE is quite poor. If the iPhone had the HSPDA radio, then it would be a non-issue.