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  1. iBrad

    Is it sad?

    I am really excited about the iPhone update on June 9th. I really can't wait until the application store comes out.... Well the problem is, I am going on a cruise on June 9th! Rofl I know that sounds really sad, but I am really bummed that I won't be able to get the update for a week :( I'm a...
  2. iBrad

    Bartender Application?

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here in awhile. I was wondering, does anyone know if anyone is working on a bartender recipe directory application for the iPhone application store? I'm sure it would be really easy to make for a programmar. I know there are a few web based bartender applications, but...
  3. iBrad

    UGH! Lost all my Contacts with update :(

    I had to restore my iPhone, because of course I modded my phone... And now I lost all my contacts and all the other stuff that you freakin need... And no I don't have an address book that I keep on my computer, I know I'm stupid... Anyone know why it didn't use the back up like it did the last...
  4. iBrad

    Problems watching YouTube only when using WIFI?

    Yeah so while using my iPhone, every now and then on YouTube the videos would be REALLY messed up. Like my screen would start flashing green and the video would freeze and all this random crap. I first noticed this at a friends house, then again at my girlfriends house. Both times I was on WIFI...
  5. iBrad

    Anyone know when we can buy ringtones?

    So does anyone know when we will be able to purchase ringtones on iTunes? These ringtones are sooo lame... Sorry if you guys have already talked about this, I'm not sure if it has been annoucned yet either. And do you think we can use songs we didn't purchase on iTunes?