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    IPhoto Events not syncing to iPhone post-1.1.3

    My IPhoto events are not syncing to my iPhone post-1.1.3. They don't even show up in the list in iTunes, but they are there in IPhoto. Am I missing something, a setting or whatever? TIA.
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    Issue when emailing photos from iPhone.

    When I email a picture from the library on the iPhone, the email sends, then the phone goes rights to the home screen. This indicates a crash. But it happens every time I email a photo. I use a Yahoo email account on the iPhone. Anyone else see this, if it is indeed a problem? I don't...
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    Has anyone noticed the ringtone on this ad? It is not one of the delivered ringtones. I'd rather have this one than any of the ones on the phone now.
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    EDGE Class *

    I just looked on the back of the box for my company Blackberry 8800 and it mentioned "EDGE Class 10 for fast data transfer". I wonder what the different classes mean in terms of speed? Wonder what class our iPhones have.
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    Is Tethering ever possible...

    I wonder if iPhone would ever have a tethering option. It would be great, since the cable charges the phone, no need to worry about how long you are on. Just a thought. :smile:
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    Battery Problem and Apple's response...

    So I have had the iPhone now for 6 days and the battery is not lasting as long, even with WIFI and BT off, as I think it should. And it also does not charge fully, always showing the lightning bolt in the little battery icon in the upper right corner, even if the phone is being charged...
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    Could you try this IM App? Tried it and works, but you have to move to the window. Just want to see how others experience is.
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    EDGE Question

    Is the EDGE always connected? I know if it was a Palm device, you would actually need to "dial up" to the connection. I am curious if the connection is constant, or does it ever need to "connect" first.