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  1. sracer

    Print n Share or Print n Lie?

    There is never going to be a generally viable printing solution for the iPad that doesn't involve a computer of some sort. Consumer printers these days have virtually no "smarts" in them at all... all of the "brains" are in the print drivers. Even many printers that used to have onboard...
  2. sracer

    What Kind of iPad Case Are You Getting?

    If you like the folio style and general functionality of the Apple case, I recommend the Macally Bookstand. Mine is holding up extremely well, keeps all ports very exposed for no interference, and is the LEAST obtrusive case I've seen. Virtually the entire front of the iPad is exposed when the...
  3. sracer

    Wonderful Bible App

    I used OliveTree back-in-the-day when they first produced readers for PocketPC and WinCE devices. But since then the pricing of their translations seems excessive. I don't know what the cause is for those prices, (licensing or development) but I ended up downloading 2 or 3 of the Bible...
  4. sracer

    Best RSS App

    Good point. I don't use Google Reader (can't stand it) but I can see how anyone who DOES use it would not like Early Edition. EE attempts to recreate the newspaper metaphor in usages not just appearance. That is far different than how most traditional RSS readers function. Using EE at the...
  5. sracer

    Best RSS App

    I agree. This app has single-handedly helped me to reduce the time I spend catching up on the sites that I regularly follow.
  6. sracer

    Keyboard Dock vs. Bluetooth Keyboard

    Nice to see Freedom Input is still around. I owned a folding Freedom keyboard for my iPAQ back-in-the-day. I look forward to the availability of this keyboard. (sorry, but I don't do preordering)
  7. sracer

    Got my iPad Switcheasy Nude (white), took some close up pics

    Nice review. How are you preventing the BT keyboard from accidentally turning on? It looks like it is as snug a fit as the Targus case I use and the keyboard turns on with the slightest pressure to the power button.
  8. sracer

    iPad crash while watching video

    This sounds like the likely cause. I've used my iPad to watch locally stored movies continuously for 4-5 hours on a plane flight without problems.
  9. sracer

    ToDo for iPad

    what are the benefits of this app vs. the Toodledo apps?
  10. sracer

    Spirit on iPad

    I originally had no desire to jb my iPad... I was quite pleased with the default functionality. However, after reading about getting the magic mouse to work, I ended up jb'ing. The magic mouse is surprisingly functional for the most part. There are some areas where it doesn't seem to register...
  11. sracer

    It's been a month....How would you rate the iPad?

    If rating it in terms of how well the actual product delivers on the expectations promised during announcement: 10/10. I expected it to do everything that I had hoped a netbook would be able to do (but fell short), and the iPad does.
  12. sracer

    Word processing?

    I don't think that it is "pretty obvious" that people would primarily use landscape. Yes, that is the standard orientation for desktops and laptops, but the iPad works "outside the box". For working on docs to be printed, portrait mode is more natural. But having said that, I agree that the...
  13. sracer

    Word processing?

    Each application (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) of the iWork suite is sold separately for $10 each. Just buy Pages if you want a word processor.
  14. sracer

    Can't decide on a freaking case!

    Case manufacturers (with a few exceptions) have done nothing creative with regard to the iPad. They're simply upsizing their iPod/iPhone cases. I'm baffled as to why an overwhelming number of "cases" (and I use that term loosely) are so concerned with protecting the back of the device, while...
  15. sracer

    Can't decide on a freaking case!

    This is the correct answer.
  16. sracer

    iPad keyboard is the same size as a netbook!

    You obviously haven't spent a lot of time with the onscreen keyboard. There are some entry fields that don't allow you to tap in the middle of the text...only at the end. It is also very time consuming to get cursor placement exactly to the where it needs to be. It is sometimes a few...
  17. sracer

    iPad keyboard is the same size as a netbook!

    My only gripe with the onscreen keyboard is.... no arrow keys.
  18. sracer

    Where are all of these iBooks . . .

    You are free to believe Amazon. Their actions speak loud enough for me. 1984 was neither a pirated nor illegal book. It was a book that Amazon themselves sold. Buyers bought it in good faith. Whatever issues Amazon had with the copyright owners needed to be dealt with transparent to the...
  19. sracer

    Need an iPad Case!

    Case makers need to be creative. I have an Apple iPad Case, but I'd like to see a minimalist case that is nothing more than a cover for the screen with two small hinges that clip on to the side so that the cover/case can fold open and behind the iPad. (it wouldn't interfere with the dock or...
  20. sracer

    Where are all of these iBooks . . .

    I'm not buying ANY ebooks...regardless of who is selling them. They are way too expensive and way too limiting. Amazon has demonstrated that they have the ability and inclination to recall an ebook that has been paid for. But I'll certainly take advantage of the free ones that are available.