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  1. ccleve76

    Does Anyone's "Push" Email work?

    mines was working great until update, after update i can get mail just fine, but cant send any..using yahoo push mail
  2. ccleve76

    Email is being a ***** ever since the update

    same here, i'm using yahoo's push feature i can get email just fine but cant send to any one not even my self, after update any suggestions?
  3. ccleve76

    Car Symbol in Maps

    the car button gives you traffic conditions, when your looking for driving directions
  4. ccleve76

    iPhone doesn't charge at wall outlet

    i was having same issue with the wall charger my iPhone came with, so i tried my ipod charger its a little bigger and work's every single time soon as i connect it i get charge indicater everytime, so i no longer use my iPhone charger only old video ipod wall charger
  5. ccleve76

    Invisible Shield for iPhone Video Review

    thanks sickmunkeyz i just ordered mines