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  1. bigmac

    MMS Pictures disappear after Sync

    This hottie sent me some great pictures of her self via MMS. I had them for several days. Yesterday I sync my phone to my home computer and they are gone! there is a blue arrow indicating something there, but its a black screen when you click it. Can anyone help me get them back?
  2. bigmac

    Three Fingers Three Times

    I was stuck in Las Vegas with a usless phone. Everything on the screen was 4 times the size. I was unable to unlock, place calls etc. When I returned home I called technical support. If you tap your screen with three fingers three times, everything becomes HUGE. Do it again and it becomes...
  3. bigmac

    Quick way to migrate from one computer to another?

    Anyone know a quick way to migrate from one computer to another? Is there a way to download music I have already purchased on iTunes? It appears at this time I have to manually cluck every single song and 'add' it to my library. This will take forever! Please help!:angry:
  4. bigmac

    Crash while jailbreaking please help!

    Please advise... I am attempting to Jailbreak my phone using the sticky. (WinPawn). I am following the directions specifically. While midthrew unlocking, the program crashes. It tells me there are 'script errors' and then closes. :angry: My phone currently works, but not jailbroken. I...
  5. bigmac

    Can you use one iTunes account on two computers?

    I am going through a divorce, and have a couple questions. Can you use one iTunes account on two computers? If I have to separate music, can I share the music I already have or pay to download it again? Anyone have an easy solutution? Thanks....:gasp:
  6. bigmac

    Cracked Screen

    My wife dropped her phone on cement and cracked the screen. When she went to the Apple store they told her to purchase a new phone, or a referbished phone for $200. Anyone have any suggestions? Cant the phone be sent back and a new screen put on the same phone? Thanks for all your help!
  7. bigmac

    What did I do wrong?

    I have a iPhone that is active with ATT. I had 1.1.1, and was jailbroken. I found a post that gave explicit instructions how to upgrade to 1.1.2. I installed oktoprep, and ran the downloaded program from this forum. So I took the plunge, upgraded to .2 and lost jailbreak and all my other...
  8. bigmac

    Having trouple accessing iPhone files

    Can anyone help? I am running 1.1.1 and newest iTunes. I jailbroke my phone, and installed BSD installer, open SSH and summerboard. I tried to access files using godzella. Where exactly do I enter my iPhones IP address? I tried where I thought but the connection continues to 'time out'...
  9. bigmac

    help with jailbreak basics

    I have read the jailbreakme web site and searched numerous forums here. I have the most current version of itines, and running 1.1.1. Please help with the following questions: What does jailbreak alone do? I read there is a icon on the homepage, and read you can use anysim. But I have an...
  10. bigmac

    STOLEN! Yes its been stolen!

    Not to rant and rave, but its gone! I was curious to know, if someone picks up my phone, swaps out the sim, can they use it? I did have the lock enabled, so I am hoping that helps... Im now out $400 until my AMEX insurance kicks in...:angry:
  11. bigmac

    Harmon Kardon

    Does anyone have the H/K play and drive car adapter? They also have another edition out to. Does anyone know if its compatiable, and any reviews how it work? :laugh2:
  12. bigmac

    Using international SIM Card?

    Greetings all! In the near future I may be traveling to Asia, and S. America. iPhone has a Sim Card feature, however, I am told iPhone is designed not to accept foreign SIM cards. I have three questions: Is it true? Has anyone used a foreign SIM in there phone? Have my hacker...
  13. bigmac

    sync hotmail/ msn

    does anyone know the pop3 and smtp codes to get msn/ hotmail to sync with iPhone? I love my msn, and unable to receive my email on it! Can anyone help?