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  1. Bluesy1

    What is wrong with the Piel Frama website?

    I am trying to order an iPhone case with the snap closure. But most places I click on don't link anywhere. I can only select a red case (which is not what I want). Also there is no email to contact them. I was using Safari 3 web browser but the same thing happens even using Firefox. Any...
  2. Bluesy1

    Wow! Just got email from AT&T about WiFi store!

    Apparently ATT is just announcing the iTunes Wifi music store. When did that come out, like three months ago? :angry: Did anyone else get this lame email?
  3. Bluesy1

    Passcode questions

    I just started using this feature and have a couple of dumb questions. What is the point of a time delay on the passcode? Makes sense to me to set it for "immediately". Why would I want to set it for 4 hours, for example? If you have a passcode set, do you have enter it in order to answer...
  4. Bluesy1

    Deleting videos - where is option?

    After a tv show or video finishes on my iPHone, it just takes me back to the video list. I no longer get the prompt to delete the video to save disk space. While I realize you can simply swipe your finger and delete in the list, I am wondering why the dialog box no longer appears. Any ideas?
  5. Bluesy1

    Calling all football fans

    I found this link on the Apple Phone Show website. It's an iPhone optimized site for seeing football game play in real time. Go to the website, add to your Safari bookmarks, then sync your iPhone. It is very, very cool though a bit buggy. If you want to see how it works...
  6. Bluesy1

    $100 credit = more iTunes music

    Just bought two $50 iTunes gift cards from the Apple Online Store with my $100 iPhone credit. No tax, free shipping. :laugh2:
  7. Bluesy1

    Jawbone in-ear beeping question

    Finally got a Jawbone that appears to be working though I have a question. I charged it up completely (light turned white) and was on a call for about 23 minutes and started hearing occasionally beeps in my ear. Read in the manual that that indicates low battery power. Why would that be after...
  8. Bluesy1

    Jawbone charger problem

    I just got my second Jawbone today. I have a question about the charger. I charged the headset so that it glows white (fully charged). However, the connector pin area of the charger seems loose even when connected. When I just slightly move it, the white charged light on the Jawbone either goes...
  9. Bluesy1

    Apple Care for iPhone available

    The Apple Phone Show page is reporting that Apple Care for iPhone is now available. See link.
  10. Bluesy1

    blue tint photos

    I noticed today that the photos I take with the camera (even outside) have a blue tint to them. I had read on some other blogs and forums that some people where experiencing this problem so I decided to see if mine did. Should I take the phone back? I am outside the 14 day exchange period so I...
  11. Bluesy1

    Does AT&T read our text messages?

    Just wondering how personal, political, profane, etc. we can be in our texting. What's their policy on message content? Do they read or censor certain messages?
  12. Bluesy1

    No sounds in earbuds

    Does anyone get text/email alert sounds while wearing their earbuds? All I get is a low pop sound (like a power up/off sound) when a text messages comes in.
  13. Bluesy1

    How to delete single text message?

    Can we delete an individual text message in a given thread or are we forced to clear the entire conversation? It seems to me the latter, but I thought I saw somewhere (keynote, Apple videos, etc?) where we could just tap on a single message bubble and leave the remainder of the messages intact.
  14. Bluesy1

    Anyone purposely NOT showing their iPhones off?

    I plan not to show off my iPhone to family at a 4th of July gathering tomorrow because I will get criticism for it costing too much, being an unnecessary luxury/display of consumerism, etc., etc. My friends are another story and are generally interested though some are getting sick of...
  15. Bluesy1

    How are you all doing on your minutes/plans?

    So I got the $59.99 plan for 450 minutes. Between 6/30 - 7/4, I had already used 97 minutes. Luckily a new billing date started after 7/4. So far I have used 19 minutes. I can't remember how many text messages I've used but I think it's around 20. If I keep going at this rate, I may have to...
  16. Bluesy1

    Anyone have tendonitis since getting iPhone?

    I am experiencing some tendonitis all along my left arm (on the side where the pinky is, not the thumb). I realized that when using my ipHone, I tend to pick it up and hold it with my left hand. I have no pain in/near the thumb or in the tendons that extend from there, so it's likely not from...
  17. Bluesy1

    Remember the first iPhone?

    Seems quaint now, doesn't it?
  18. Bluesy1

    I can't get the Jawbone to work

    I cannot get the Jawbone to work with my iPhone. I've managed to do the pairing part fine, but it seems as though the Jawbone and the iPHone cannot communicate. Even after pairing, putting in the Jawbone code, and pressing "connect", it never does. The Bluetooth icon never goes from grey to...
  19. Bluesy1

    Sound quality of calls - hissing sound

    Does anyone else notice the background hissing/noise when on a call with the iPhone? I always hear it regardless of whether I call another mobile number or a land line. When I stop talking and/or the other person talks, it goes away. If no one talks for a moment it returns. It almost seems as if...