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  1. leehookem21

    Wi-Fi still disabled

    When my wife updated her 4S a while back with iOS 6xx, her wifi was disabled. She tried the various solutions online and even took it to the Apple store with no luck. Updated to iOS 7 today hoping that would solve the problem. No luck. Any suggestions before we decide to say f it and buy a new...
  2. leehookem21

    How do I go back to an older OS?

    My girlfriend has a 3GS and installed the new iOS4. Her phone is REALLY slow now. She wants to go back to 3.x. Any pointers on how to do it? I'm sure this has been asked many times before, so my apologies.
  3. leehookem21

    problems with email push/fetch

    I have encountered my first problem with the iPhone 4. It keeps pushing email alerts. Push is set to off and fetch to manual, even in the "advanced" tab. I have rebooted the phone as well. Any suggestions?