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  1. ColsTiger

    iOS 6 Golden Master Out

    Share the wealth.
  2. ColsTiger

    Anyone still have the first iPhone?

    Definitely still have mine. I was first in line at one of the two Cingular/AT&T stores in my town. Got there at 5:30AM and endured 11.5 hours of intense heat and humidity to guarantee that I would get one of the 50 iPhones that each store was allotted. I also paid $600 for an 8GB version in...
  3. ColsTiger

    Best games for showing off iPhone 4's retina display...?

    I like NFS Shift. Got it right before the launch of iPhone 4, but it looks soo much better now than it did on my first gen.
  4. ColsTiger

    So the Droid X goes on sale today, but I didn't see any lines at Verizon

    Maybe in a larger city there would be lines for the Droid X, but in my little town of just over 200K, nothing. It looked like any other day at the Big Red store.
  5. ColsTiger

    So the Droid X goes on sale today, but I didn't see any lines at Verizon

    I almost took some pictures of the empty store fronts, but decided it was just a case of same old - same old. I know the iPhone 4 is taking a lot of heat in the media, but that comes with being at the top of the food chain. Did we hear a lot of uproar with the HTC EVO came out with its TERRIBLE...
  6. ColsTiger

    FaceBook app

    Mine is still kicking out to the home screen.
  7. ColsTiger

    FaceBook app

    I thought this thread got moved to software.
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    The Washington Post Weighs In On The Reception Problem

    I wondering how they'll handle it if they actually do a recall. I didn't think it would happen initially, but the outrage is growing.
  9. ColsTiger

    FaceBook app

    I should have checked here. My son came to me with this problem, so I deleted the app and reinstalled it twice. Completely reset his iPod Touch too. What a jerk! I'm sure it'll be fine by morning.
  10. ColsTiger

    Anyone feeling the flames?

    Don't worry about the haters. They're just jealous because they're locked into their crappy Android devices.
  11. ColsTiger

    Warning about the iFrogz blue case and flash

    I agree. I took that same case back last Friday and got the Rocketfish gel case. No blue tint anymore.
  12. ColsTiger

    People are yellow

    I would ask if you're using a cover or case of some type over you new iPhone 4. I had a blue ifrogz Luxe Original that would give some of my flash-aided night shots a blue tint. I found out that without the blue cover the pictures would come out okay, so I took the ifrogz Luxe back to Best Buy...
  13. ColsTiger

    Apple's Official Statement -- Formula for calculating BARS wrong this whole time

    I was disappointed to read this too. I was so happy about getting 5 bars at my house now instead of the 1-3 bars I was getting with my original first gen that I attributed it to the upgrade to the 3G signal. Now I know the update won't affect my reception, but it will affect my perception of the...
  14. ColsTiger

    Camera flash issue w/case

    I have the ifrogz Luxe and noticed the same issue. I think I'll try the LuxeLean and see if it helps.
  15. ColsTiger

    Considering going back to AT&T

    I would check with some current AT&T users in your area to see if they have expanded their coverage.
  16. ColsTiger

    Apple's Official Statement -- Formula for calculating BARS wrong this whole time

    I hope they get that update out quickly. They need to stop the bleeding.
  17. ColsTiger

    Okay, let's be honest with ourselves for a second here...

    I still can't believe they didn't find the antenna issue in testing. I don't really have enough issued to want a recall, but I can see where someone could be very unhappy.
  18. ColsTiger

    Win the iPhone 4

    Might be time to lock this one Chris.
  19. ColsTiger

    Trading iPhone for larger capacity

    Yes. If you bought one already at the reduced price, your next one would be full price. You could upgrade another line on your family plan and get the reduced price and then switch the phone to the first line.
  20. ColsTiger

    Best buy cases

    I bought a case from BB and they had three different types at that time.