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  1. gotzaiPhone

    Can i sync my iCloud calendar with my wifes phone as well?

    Yes, it's easy. Go to and enter the calendar section. On left side where it lists your calendars, you'll see a little circle "rss feed" type icon. Click on that and it will give you the option to share your calendar with a contact. You can either let the contact edit the calendar or...
  2. gotzaiPhone

    MacBook 8GB of RAM in late 08' MacBook

    Sorry for not responding here, I rarely check this section. My late 08' MacBook has been running great with the 8gb of ram. I would love to get a SSD, but for the size I want, I can't justify the cost right now! OWC says that a SSD speeds up boot time by like 140 seconds. It would be nice...
  3. gotzaiPhone

    What do you want to see in iOS 6?

    I don't use bite, but I use messages+ and it's awesome. Lets say I get a text while typing this, my message banner will stay visible until either I tap it or hit a little black "x" to dismiss it. If I tap on the banner, a semi transparent overlay appears, I can then respond to a text and as soon...
  4. gotzaiPhone

    What do you want to see in iOS 6?

    Just a few things, like others have said, intelliscreenX is a must. I'm not talking like it, but Apple full on buying it up and putting it on the phone stock. Next would be something like messages+ or biteSMS that lets you respond to a text without having to leave what you're doing. Finally...
  5. gotzaiPhone

    Things about iOS and apps that you think could be improved

    with 528 post before yours, I think people are all done giving their ideas.
  6. gotzaiPhone

    ical syncing for 2 iPhone pals?

    The easiest way to do this is logging into iCloud from a computer and in the calendar section you'll see a little signal symbol next to each calendar. You can then broadcast that calendar via iCloud to who ever you want and even allow them to edit the calendar. iCloud will send the user an...
  7. gotzaiPhone

    Is Siri getting dumber?

    My thoughts are that since all these iPhone 4 and 3GS' are running Siri though jailbreaking, it's hurting Siri's servers. I don't have any proof, but Siri has performed like crap for me since tweaks like spire have been released.
  8. gotzaiPhone

    iPhone 4S: Black or White?

    I'm a dude and I have a white 4S. I have had black 3G, 3GS, and 4. I wanted something different, so white it was. I was a little worried at first about having a white phone, from dirt and wear showing to the look of it, but am happy I got it. Get what you want. If you like white, get white one...
  9. gotzaiPhone

    Deleting cache

    Apple got rid of clear cache a software version or two ago. So clearing cookies and history is ok. There is a free app in the app store, called "system" and it has a button that frees up the ram. It'll also exit the program too. Give it a shot if you're not jailbroken.
  10. gotzaiPhone

    Siri making springboard crash

    Did you install any Siri tweaks? If you can, access mobile substrate options and shut off tweaks one at a time till you find the offender. If you don't know how/or have access to that, try accessing Siri in safe mode and see If she at least works there. Do you have a 4s or are you using Siri...
  11. gotzaiPhone

    OTA Update iOS 5

    You can still manually check for updates and 5.1 should show even without the badge.
  12. gotzaiPhone

    Need an App That Tricks Another App to Think that 3G or EDGE is a WiFi Connection

    I have "my3G" and it's worked great for me.
  13. gotzaiPhone


    Haven't had that issue yet, but since the update yesterday, my iMessage and SMS previews will not load. Only shows a black screen. When I remove PhotoAlbums+, all is back to normal.
  14. gotzaiPhone

    Phone icon MIA (at times)

    Are you using springtomize? My icon disappearing and going all white issues are solved when I go into springtomize and hit the reload button.
  15. gotzaiPhone

    Any AT&T Data Throttling Victims here?

    52gb and 136gb?!?!?!?!?! How huge heck can AT&T say I'm in the top 5% when I haven't even hit 3gb since this throttling been happening?
  16. gotzaiPhone

    Any AT&T Data Throttling Victims here?

    It still stinks to be throttled, but at least they are giving us high speeds for the same data amount as the capped plan at the same cost. Now it's a $30 for 3gb fast data then slow data vs. $30 for 3gb fast data then $10 per gb overage fast data. I think it makes the speed vs. cost decision a...
  17. gotzaiPhone

    Is Siri tied to Apple ID

    First off guys, stop feeding the iaddicted troll. Second off, to the OP, yes Apple has set up icloud in a way that it's all or none. You either sync everything across all phones/devices or select only certain things on one device to share. Meaning, if you and your wife want to share calendars...
  18. gotzaiPhone

    ToneFX on iOS 5

    That might be the one, but not 100%. The reviewer never let us hear if the unlock or lock sound was changed and the one I saw in cydia did specifically change those sounds. Sorry I can't be more help.
  19. gotzaiPhone

    ToneFX on iOS 5

    There's a tweak that just came out that changes the system sounds and works with iOS5. I can't remember the exact name, but "sounds" is in the name and should be in the undated section of cydia still.
  20. gotzaiPhone

    New/best Cydia apps/tweaks.

    Here's mine and it's kinda long: blurriedNCBackground Bytafont CallBar Color keyboard (MBA keyboard) FolderEnhancer Gridlock iBlacklist iFile Infinidock intelliscreenX LocationReminders LockSliderz MapReminders My3G No Icon Shadows No Update Omnistat for NC PhotoAlbums+ Protect My Privacy Safe...