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  1. lady_bugz22

    iPad 2 cases

    Here's the link
  2. lady_bugz22

    iPad 2 cases

    It's been awhile since I've been on here but here are few pics of my Portenzo case.
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    iPad 2 Screen Protectors, Back Shield?

    Best Skins Ever has on their website "Now Shipping". This past weekend they had them on sale for 20% off for pre-orders, but looks like the prices are at regular price now.
  4. lady_bugz22

    Going to get my iPad this evening.

    Good Luck! That's what I got!
  5. lady_bugz22

    Are You Going Naked On The iPad 2 Or You Using A Case And Or Screen Protector

    I have a smart cover & sleeve but also ordered a full body shield from BSE. Although I plan on being very careful installing it, I'm nervous about getting excess water into the speaker.
  6. lady_bugz22

    Cute case for the ladies

    The website is The fabric I ordered is called BerryDots with Double Up Embroidery. My total came out to $62.25 The fabric I chose wasn't on her website so I emailed her at because I saw a picture of it on Flickr. She was very quick to respond.
  7. lady_bugz22

    Cute case for the ladies

    I bought a iPad travel bag from Borsa Bella. I ordered Wednesday even had it monogrammed & received it today. Melissa did a beautiful job! It comes with a removable strap so you can use it as a sleeve as well. Sorry the title should read bag not case.
  8. lady_bugz22

    People in the Dallas, TX area!

    I'm's the Willow Bend mall I go to for the Apple store. Trying to find parking @ Stonebriar is too hectic.
  9. lady_bugz22

    People in the Dallas, TX area!

    I have to agree with Sassy. I like the Apple store in Stonebriar
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    First iPhone 4 Camper Shows up

    They did a live interview with him tonight & the whole time his iPhone was going off with the "alarm" ringtone. I don't know what was worse..hearing his phone constantly blaring that ringtone or listening to him talk.
  11. lady_bugz22

    Win the iPhone 4

    They want their momma to win :)
  12. lady_bugz22

    Best Buy has great deal for Incase slider cases

    These cases alone normally run $34.95
  13. lady_bugz22

    Best Buy has great deal for Incase slider cases

    Hey not sure if its already been discussed, but at Best Buy if you buy an Incase slider you get a $15 iTunes card free. Plus they have the metallic red ones back in stock. It rings up as the Incase slider is $19.99 + $15 iTunes card= $34.99 plus tax my total came to $36.64. Incase & Apple...
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    ****Paranormal Activity SPOILER THREAD****

    Thanks! LOL
  15. lady_bugz22

    ****Paranormal Activity SPOILER THREAD****

    I finally went & saw this movie today. Holy cow it was scary! Now it's 2:30am & I'm having a hard time falling asleep because of it. I need some Bennadryl to help ne sleep but I'm too scared to get up & take some.
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    If blackra1n fails, try these steps

    Thanks KabaModern your directions were perfect!
  17. lady_bugz22

    Post Pics of your 3G Case Here.

    Nope, I had no problem hearing the speaker. When its closed it's cut so you can hear the speaker.
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    I saw Zombieland Saturday night it was pretty good. Hopefully, this coming up weekend I can go see Paranormal Activity.
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    Post Pics of your 3G Case Here.

    I currently have the black n red limited edition case which I've only used for a day. I had a black w/lavender stripe ivolution Top SP for my v1 phone. If she gets one of the cases thats made of the Caterina leather, I recommend she gets the main color as a dark color. This type of leather gets...
  20. lady_bugz22

    In Search of the best iPhone 3GS case

    I have the monochrome blue incase slider which I love. Previously, I was using the speck candyshell which provides great protection but it's bulkier. The slider provides protection & doesn't add much bulk.