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  1. n_kat

    Question: Upgrade to 3G then switch back

    Sorry if this has been posted somewhere else, searched 30+pages of topics and couldn't find the answer to my question...which is: I have a first gen iPhone (and want to keep it) and want to get a 3G for my husband, but he isn't eligible for the upgrade. Can I upgrade my phone to the 3G and...
  2. n_kat

    Question: 2 iPhones w/1 SIM

    I've done several searches on this topic, so I'll apologize in advance if this is a repeat! I'm thinking of upgrading to the 16g iPhone and keeping my current 8g. My thought is that the 8g would be great to take along during activities where it could potentially get damaged (i.e...
  3. n_kat

    No accessible SIM card?

    CNET's Crave is posting that there most likely won't be an accessible sim card in the iPhone (see link: Can anyone comment on likelihood of this? I have Cingular and like to occasionally switch phones, but this would make that...