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  1. Bender

    Just got an iPad, what case are you guys using?

    I am using the Apple case... Smaller form factor.
  2. Bender

    Hello fellow iPad users!

    First Generation user here...
  3. Bender

    What's your favorite and most used apps?

    Videos... is that an app? I record my favorite shows with eyetv and then watch them on the commute to work in the morning.
  4. Bender

    iPad totally dead . . .

    This may sound stupid but is it charged up?
  5. Bender

    AT&T Premier site orders, anyone's status change?

    Mine is now at the destination sort facility Dulles, VA.
  6. Bender

    Anyone from AT&T have theirs shipped out yet? Topic.

    Mine is going to be delivered today... :ok:ok
  7. Bender

    AT&T Premier site orders, anyone's status change?

    Mine says shipped...
  8. Bender

    Navigon Voice Prompts

    The only settings I have below the volume control are iPod Control On/Off and Ipod Mode. This is Version 1.4.0.
  9. Bender

    Navigon Voice Prompts

    iPhone volume full blast... App volume full blast... No voice.
  10. Bender

    Navigon Voice Prompts

    I have the current version of Navigon Mobile Navigator for my iPhone 3G (not jail broken) and I can't get the voice prompts to work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks...
  11. Bender

    GPS map question

    G-Map downloads maps to your iPhone. On their site they say no Wifi connection need to navigate. I haven't used it.
  12. Bender

    Does this exist?

    I use this in my Mini... It says its not compatible with the iPhone 3G but it works with mine. I just get that error message when I plug it in. No need to remove your case when you use this...
  13. Bender

    3G owners: What would make you buy new iPhone?

    Oh Yeah! A Shield Generator would be cool too...:2cool:
  14. Bender

    3G owners: What would make you buy new iPhone?

    Maybe I would get a new one if it had a real light saber, or maybe a transporting device.
  15. Bender

    My iPhone 3G is working great!

    My iPhone 3G is working great... :laugh2: with no problems. :2cool: I thought I would post something positive with all these negative post coming up. Have a great day. :wink:
  16. Bender

    What if I change my iPhone

    I did this recently. Had a defective iPhone 3G and replaced it with a new one. Once you plug in your new iPhone, iTunes will ask you what you wanna do. One of the choices will be to use your existing back up of your old iPhone. So back up your current iPhone before you make the switch. Your back...
  17. Bender

    Valentine's Apps: Get Your Romantic Heart Ready on iPhone

    Thanks for the reviews... :smile:
  18. Bender

    2.2.1 Headache and A half

    No problems with me either....
  19. Bender

    AT&T/Cingular coverage in Washington, DC?

    DC area coverage is good. My only beef is you lose your single when you are underground in the Metro. Verizon is the only one that has that beat.
  20. Bender

    How do you remove the invisible shield?

    Use your Google Fu Grasshopper and search the web... There are a bunch of videos of folks removing the invisible shield. :2cool: