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  1. Youngbinks

    Happy Birthday Don!

    Here's to hoping you have a great day. Any more cool Mac clothes?
  2. Youngbinks

    Free songs on Amazon

    Amazon has quite a few songs to download for free at the moment. 1,274 songs actually. You just have to install the Amazon MP3 Downloader. Free Amazon Downloads
  3. Youngbinks

    iMac Got a new iMac this weekend

    I got surprised by this over the weekend and I'm pretty stoked. It's staying at home in Tampa but I used it all weekend and love it. I do have a few questions regarding firewire. I have a standard 500 GB USB 2.0 external hard drive and I was wondering if I can buy a firewire cable for it...
  4. Youngbinks

    April Fool's Day Funnies

    I remembered that last year YouTube changed every video to the "Rick Rolled" video so I decided to try and find some more sites that pulled some April Fool's Day jokes. Here is YouTube today, everything is upside down. And here is e-Learning, the site that all UF students use to access...
  5. Youngbinks

    World Series

    Being from Tampa, I am naturally rooting for the Rays. Who do you think will take the Series? I'm going to the game tomorrow night. I'll be sure to post up pics.
  6. Youngbinks

    MacBook Air Trackpad Issue

    For the past few hours my Trackpad on my MBA has been acting erratically. It will be fine for a few minutes and then it will stop responding to my movements and it will move around on its own. Also, it will double-click on things and right-click other things. After messing up the Trackpad will...
  7. Youngbinks

    These speeds...

    The download speeds I'm seeing on my iPhone 3G are incredible. It is such a big difference from my first gen iPhone. By the way, this is my first post from iPhone 3G.
  8. Youngbinks

    I just need to get something out

    I always know that my EIC family will be there to listen whenever a member has something to say and I just wanted to talk about something with you guys. Yesterday evening two of my best friends were working on my friend Kyle's car installing a sway bar (to help steering and such) at my friend...
  9. Youngbinks

    Youngbinks real reveal

    Well, I’m certainly not a new member around here but I thought I would finally do one anyway. My name is Philip (I also go by Phil or really any other variation of Philip). I’m a senior at the University of Florida (Go Gators) and I’m double majoring in Economics and Interdisciplinary Biology...
  10. Youngbinks

    MacBook Air Lenovo Strikes Back...

    Lenovo makes fun of the MacBook Air. It is a clever commercial, I'll hand them that.
  11. Youngbinks

    Odd phone name

    I have iTunes setup such that my iPhone appears as "Philip's iPhone" but today when I plugged my phone in to sync some pics, the name that came up in iPhoto is definitely not mine. I don't even know anyone named Mikey. Any idea how to change the name?
  12. Youngbinks

    MacBook Air Such a Mac Noob...

    Well, due to both of my Laptop PCs crashing in the same week (one is $1700 to repair, and I think the other one is simply too far gone) I went out and purchased a MacBook Air, and so far I am in love with it. However, I am a complete noob when it comes to operating on a Mac, it's been since 5th...
  13. Youngbinks


    Let me start by saying that no one should post any spoilers here because that would be totally unfair and rude to the other members that want to see the movie. I just got back from seeing "Cloverfield" and I have to say that it was well worth the wait. The movie is quite short at a mere 84...
  14. Youngbinks

    Influx of Users

    With the Keynote today and the joys and hardships it seems to have brought, we here at EIC have set a new record for users online at once. :laugh2: Most users ever online was 3,749, Today at 04:44 PM. Hopefully we don't lose too many people that are just here for the day or that are just here...
  15. Youngbinks

    Woman Ordered to Pay $220,000 for Illegal Downloads

    Whoa. Makes you think twice about downloading illegally. Apparently you can download them but not share them, according to this at least.
  16. Youngbinks

    Growing Number of College-Aged Mac Users

    While this shouldn't be too much of a surprise, the number of college students buying mac computers has been on the rise for a while now. In conjunction with this picture (though I'm thinking it had to have been staged) here is a short little read about the popularity of Apple...
  17. Youngbinks

    iPhone Won't Turn Back On...

    I decided to drain the battery the first time before I charged my iPhone and it just died this morning. I put it on my car charger (it died on the way home from work) and after a minute or two the screen just went off. I thought it was kind of weird but got home (after charging this whole time)...
  18. Youngbinks

    Who to Call First?

    I know there have been other threads about what you would do first. But this is just asking who is going to be the first person you call? My mom who is going with me to get the iPhone would be the first person I would call but since she will be there I am gonna call my other friend who should be...
  19. Youngbinks

    iTunes Video

    I currently have a nano and an ipod mini so the iPhone will be the first experience I will have with video playing and uploading via iTunes. Is it possible to load your own movies? Say I wanted to put Family Guy season 1 (which I own on DVD) into my iTunes and then upload that to my iPhone, what...