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    Do I need Apple TV?

    that is ok, you cant download everything on the internet. and still dvd's rocks..
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    Apple TV 2 Question.

    just get the Apple Tv...
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    Laptop died, should I get an iPad?

    definitely go with the ipad...
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    Hello from my new iPad!

    that's great,congrats and enjoy... there are a lot of features...
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    AirPlay Mirroring on iPad (1st Gen)

    it could be the app,so why not try uninstalling it then reinstall it again....
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    No picture on Air Play . . .

    probably the app is not working well,try uninstalling and reinstall.
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    How to monitor my iPhone from my laptop?

    Here is one way to do it. Its not ideal and really quite pointless unless your using it for creating videos similar to this one... open youtube for step by step instructions.
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    Fake iPhone!

    adopt is the only way to do it...