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    What's your favorite feature (unique)?

    my favorite in this order: 1.safari 2.ipod maps 4.notes 5.alarm clock
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    Verizon: LG VX9800 (V) LG VX9900 (EnV) Cingular: Samsung SGH-A707 (Sync) Samsung BlackJack Don't miss any of them.
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    Verizon FiOS and iPhone

    i have verizon fios, i'm using the actiontec modem and a wireless linksys router. i connect to wifi through my linksys router. but you would most likely have to get into the modem settings and manually turn on wifi feature. type in into your url browser, the verizon settings screen...
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    Incase protective cover...anyone?

    just Apple stores for now or you can get it online at incase's website. just go out n buy it already.
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    Incase protective cover...anyone?

    Not sure bout all that. I've taken it out of the case at least three times n it hasn't stretched a bit. Theres no chrome trim showin at all, it wraps tightly around the screen. This case is incredible.
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    Incase protective cover...anyone?

    Its like tough rubber for tires yet retains the thinness of the iPhone. It takes 5 seconds 2 put on, n also covers up the chrome trim so it looks very sleek n all black. Well worth 30 bucks my friend.
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    Incase protective cover...anyone?

    I just returned my belkin leather slimfit case, n got the black Incase rubber case today from the Apple store. The slimfit is nice, but its annoying to hafta keep sliding it out. The incase skin is so comfy, gives u really good grip, n protects the entire fone except for the screen. I'm really...
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    The Office

    yes it's definitely my favorite show. i've got all 3 seasons n a couple episodes on my iPhone. dwight is my favorite character, i think karen is pretty cute, creed's pretty funny, n so is kevin.
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    1-Finger Period Trick

    A lot of people have been complaining about typing in a period is a chore. not anymore, you can type a period with just one finger. here's how: -press and hold the punctuation key (lower left button) -without lifting your finger, drag it to the period until the icon pops up -release your finger...
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    All iPhone Reviews

    IGN's Apple iPhone Review IGN recently reviewed the iPhone. They liked it, gave it a great review. Click here
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    In depth review of invisible shield on the iPhone

    Wow. thanks a lot man, i just ordered mine and should be arriving in the next couple days. great review and nice pictures to get a good look of the product. thanks again.
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    Safari browser crashing?

    join the club, you're late.
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    How's your battery life?

    i get around 4-5 hours with bluetooth off, wifi manual search, autobrightness on, few calls, light email, moderate txting, and moderate ipod. battery life reminds me of my psp which is collecting dust ever since i got the iPhone.
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    Booted from Safari?

    yes... happens to me all the time using safari, it's completely random, it just goes back to the home page everytime. it's a known problem is wut i hear.
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    Transferring Movie Trailer onto iPhone

    the trailer should be in the movie section of iTunes, then check the "sync movies" box in the video tab of the iPhone screen, then check the trailer from the list given, then click sync at the bottom right.
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    my iPhone died today

    haha, yes i wish that were true. haven't had any problems with mine so far except for safari crashing periodically.
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    I'm I the only one? - Edge is pretty fast!

    for me itz half way decent, not impressive though. itz not as bad as everyone whines about. i'm still stickin wit my wifi 4 now.
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    Best Case for pocket or purse

    I second that. I hate it wen people wear their fone on their belt clip but the Belkin case has changed that. This is the only accessory I have so far. The case is extremely thin so I can't even tell that it's bulging in my pocket. It has the mesh bottom so that you can jam to your tunes on...
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    So how many charges is the battery good for?

    those are great tips, thanks.
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    What ringtone are you using?

    I'm using marimba 2. These ringtones r such garbage, sorry Apple.