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  1. Eragon

    New iPhone chatter

    Passing this tweet on from 9 to 5 Mac. Don't know its validity, but sharing it anyway! @9to5mac: RT @SammyWalrusIV: ALERT: Controlled Apple Leak: The new iPhone will not operate on LTE or 4G networks. (via DowJones) (via @markgurman) Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  2. Eragon

    iPhone 5 Exclusive on Sprint Only?

    Good article. Can I wait to 1st quarter for LTE iPhone? @BGR: Sprint guarantees to buy over $20 billion in iPhones from Apple, launching the iPhone 5. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  3. Eragon

    New iPhone 4 Commercial

    Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  4. Eragon

    Crunchgear's Take on Buying a VZW iPhone

    I found this article today. A very well written piece. I agree with everything in it. The new Verizon iPhone 4 certainly represents a risk to some.
  5. Eragon

    A VZW Experience to Remember

    Interesting perspective on what the impact of the iPhone may have on VZW's "pristine" network. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  6. Eragon

    Which grills faster?

    This is too funny. :dft012:wink
  7. Eragon

    Pre-order Online Error Message

    Anyone else getting this message? Apple store (direct and via app) crashes/gives error message. This is from ATT.
  8. Eragon

    Happy Veterans Day

    For those who served in the US military, have a Happy Veterans Day. Free meals for active duty and vets: If you served, which service and what did you do: US Navy (Lt) - Division officer on board the Harold E Holt (FF-1074)...
  9. Eragon

    Report: Apple to launch VZW iPhone in 2010
  10. Eragon

    Incompatible Accessories

    When I plugged my 3Gs into the existing cable, I got an error message saying the iPhone couldn't charge while connected. That it was not compatible for doing so. I plugged the 3Gs into a cable plugged into an outlet, and the error message did not appear and is charging. Anyone else notice this?
  11. Eragon

    Not happy with Apple, phone not coming on Friday

    I noticed this morning, 6/18, that my iPhone was still in Hong Kong. I also noticed that the UPS tracking system online no longer specified when the shipment would be delivered. The third piece of info was an email from Apple stating that it still expected delivery on 6/19 despite an error on...
  12. Eragon

    Think Twice Before Upgrading from 3G to 3GS

    I found this article via Twitter. Very interesting insight into AT&T thinking. In short, a lot more could happen in the next two years than we had seen to date. Also, an understanding of AT&T's upgrade price policy...
  13. Eragon

    Early Upgrade Going to Be Offered for 3G'rs

    From Apple Insider: I saw this hinted earlier on Twitter. If you check your account, you will see that an additional upgrade option has been added. Before, it was not clear that...
  14. Eragon

    OS 3.0 Beta Incompatible 3rd Party Apps

    Figure it would be nice to have a single thread with a list of 3rd party apps which appear to be incompatible with OS 3.0. To start: Byline i.TV
  15. Eragon

    PWNAGE for 2.2.1 is Out! Time to Jailbreak!
  16. Eragon

    Wall Street Speculation on New iPhones
  17. Eragon

    New Internet Browsers Available via App Store Looking forward to people's reviews.
  18. Eragon

    Inauguration Impacts on AT&T Network

    For the last couple of days, I've begun seeing a downward trend on 3G coverage. Not yet in Frederick, but certainly along the I-270 corridor. Observations to date have been 3G dropping to EDGE; Searching... as a result of going into Airplane mode to force 3G back; 1 bar of 3G quickly dropping...
  19. Eragon

    iTunes Store Live on iPhone

    I know that iTunes over the air downloads were just announced, but I just noticed that the iTunes store features on my iPhone are operational. Thought we would need a firmware update for that to occur.
  20. Eragon

    Data Outage in MD/DC Area

    Since 730 am, there's been no to intermittent data coverage. A poster on the AT&T forums confirmed an AT&T outage in the NE. Anyone here been having the same problems?