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    Apple Pencil Outside of Artwork?

    I had a little play around using the pencil but I have to ask does anyone really get much use out of it outside of graphical design or that sort of thing?
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    Where and when do you use your iPad Pro?

    I use it for basically what I'd use my old Air for. I'd never really use the Air while moving around but sitting at a table I think it makes the perfect size for writing.
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    Does anyone know of an app to send SMS from PC via iPhone?

    I know Android had some stuff for this. If Google Voice lets you do it though that'd be handy since I'm meant to be getting that setup for work.
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    Should I get one?

    Think it depends what you'd use it for. My brother is really into the augmented reality game Ingress and wold freak if he didn't have it charged. I tend to not get a lot of use out of mine my main usage is fitness stuff and there are better options than the Apple one. Though it does look damn good.
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    iPhone speaker hack! 40% louder!

    Was so expecting this to be a photo of an iPhone in a bowl or something.
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    Installed one of those little Clash of Clans ripoffs. Turns out to be a mix of Faster Than Light. $100 in micro credit later... yeah. That's my spending money gone for the month.
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    Jailbreak iOS 10, win $1.5 million

    Trying to figure out why a third party would pay so much? Just a PR stunt or is there money in jail breaking?