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  1. canamera

    Time next to posts?

    What am I missing guys? The time next to all the posts are off, but I can't find a setting to adjust it! Come on now...this is your chance to get a "Like" from me!
  2. canamera

    What's everyone doing for Valentines?

    Assuming that you celebrate it, what are your plans for Valentines? I haven't booked it yet, but I'm taking the wife to Niagara falls for the weekend. A nice honeymoon sweet, with no tv, a large jaccuzzi, and all the room service you can want...the kids will be staying with grandma, and...
  3. canamera

    New Jawbone!

    Did you guys see the new jawbone era? Looks really cool!
  4. canamera

    Creating an album in your eiC profile?

    I've been trying to create a photo album in my profile, but I'm never successful! It always gets stuck uploading the pictures. On my iPad it won't even let me select any photos, and on my PC it gets stuck while I'm uploading the pics. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with this.
  5. canamera

    What's your location?

    Thought it would be nice to start a thread with the new feature that came with the eic app update... I'll start401-527 Salem Ave N, Toronto, ON M6H 2G9, Canada Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  6. canamera

    Problem with editing widget...

    I just installed a really nice theme from Cydia called TimelessHD, and now I'm trying to edit the weather widget to show the weather in my area. I am using iPhoneBrowser, and I have the value I need to input, and I also see where I need to input it in...but, it won't let me change it! Can...
  7. canamera

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

    Just wanted to wish my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving! I know its only Tomorrow, but I usually celebrate it all know, dinner at one house today, and dinner at another house tomorrow! The big dinner is at my parents house tomorrow, the whole family will be there, and my mom...
  8. canamera

    Uh oh!

    The Dev team's website has been down for a while...I wonder is Christmas is coming soon this year. I'm getting ants in my pants I can't sit still!
  9. canamera

    New Jawbone Icon Update available!

    If you've got the Icon, then you know where to get it... Downloading it as I type, I'm not sure what it fixes.
  10. canamera

    Lost my entire library on iTunes

    This must be the 3rd or 4th time since I've used iTunes, that I connect a device to it just to find my music, movies,ringtones, etc... has been lost, then I have to completely import them again! All my playlists too! Why does iTunes keep loosing everything?
  11. canamera

    Shazam just screwed me over!

    I just updated my Shazam, and now I'm limited to only 5 tags a month! What a rip off man... I've been using Shazam since I first bought my 3G two years ago, and now they want me to upgrade to encore! I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay for it, I might just try something else for a while.
  12. canamera

    how do you cancel a purchase?

    I accidentally hit the buy tab on an app and it start to download...I paused it for now, but I don't know how to cancel it! It has downloaded about 15mb of it's 60 or so mb. Can I cancel it? I see I can delete it, but I want to make sure I am not charged for it.
  13. canamera

    Some people will say anything just to sell!

    Was over at the mall this evening and walked by a cell phone accessory quiosk, asked the guy if he was expecting any otterboxes soon, and he said no... He went on to tell me that he had other cases available, I told him that it is pointless buying any other case cause Apple was giving away a...
  14. canamera

    Just sold my 8gig 3G!

    I posted it on Craigslist at 10:30pm, and at 11:45pm already had the cash in hand! I got rid of it for $250 cash... That's what I bought it for brand new about 2 years ago! Got to love Craigslist! Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  15. canamera

    My wife surprised me with an iPhone 4 today

    She had been planning it all week, and never told me anything. She had just found out that one of her clients at the law office worked for a Rogers Wireless, and asked him if he had any because you still can't find any in stores here in Canada, Anywhere! He immediately answered with: "16gig, or...
  16. canamera

    No Anniversary present :(

    Well today is my 12th year wedding anniversary and I'm embarrassed to say I didn't get my wife anything! Besides having worked all day yesterday, and working today, I really wanted to surprise her with a new iPhone 4, (one for me too). Unfortunately, that won't happen because you cant find any...
  17. canamera

    I actually tried to buy the iPhone 4 today for the first time...:(

    For the first time since its been available in Canada, I decided to actually see if I could pick one up. I went to 5 different places that were sold out, and didn't know when they were expecting any, (maybe within the next few weeks)! A couple of places said, no shipments for the next 4 to 6...
  18. canamera

    eic bash?

    Wouldn't it be great to throw a huge party for all the members of eic? Kind of like a convention, only for members and family. We could do a weekend thing at some hotel, eat and drink all weekend, and also hold iPhone seminars to discuss the problems everyone is having! It would kind of be...
  19. canamera

    How to get back in app purchases

    I had to delete and reinstall Navigon from my iPhone...Just wondering how to get back the Live Traffic, and panaramic view that I had purchased.
  20. canamera

    Navigon for iPhone!

    Anyone with Navigon will probably want to update! Ios4 update is out with a couple of new features!