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  1. canamera

    Are you buying a Lightning Adapter, Lightning Cable or both

    That's not bad, but why wouldn't one just buy a lightning cable for $21 instead of buying that cable/adaptor for $40.
  2. canamera

    iOS 6.0 Sucks

    Am I missing something with IOS6 that everyone dislikes? Besides maps not being perfect (give them some time), which I don't use anyways because I've used Navion since day1, I really don't understand what everyone dislikes so much about it... Am I just very easy to please...
  3. canamera

    Lifeproof case

    Hey hey...I only recommend what I truly like, and hopefully the person will like it too. But it doesn't always happen though.
  4. canamera

    Are you buying a Lightning Adapter, Lightning Cable or both

    I'm only buying lightning cables...they're are cheaper then buying the adaptor, and I have no use for the adaptor...I never dock my phone anywhere, and I use a wireless FM transmitter in the car
  5. canamera

    What's a fair price to sell my iPhone 4?

    I got $250 for my 32gig that had a bit of a stiff power button...still worked fine though.
  6. canamera

    Worth the upgrade....

    Of course it's worth it! I also went from the 4 to the 5 ( skipped the 4S), and they're night and day.
  7. canamera

    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    I have a simple CaseMate Clear for now, but I never actually use it...I'm just holding up on my LifeProof case...
  8. canamera

    Lockscreen screenshots

    Here's my lock screen at the moment.
  9. canamera

    Just ordered my iPhone 5! And tracking thread

    I was pretty upset because I had to wait 2 days for my white 32gig, but after reading some of this thread, I see I didn't wait that long after all... It launched on a Friday, and I had it by Tuesday. Longest weekend of my life.
  10. canamera

    The Hangout

    Hey Alex...sorry for the very late reply, I'm always on an off... My knee has been great now, but it wasn't for a couple of months right after surgery...I even had to get a couple of cortisone shots at one point. Doc says if I don't take it easy, I will need partial knee replacement on both...
  11. canamera

    Lifeproof case

    It's just that so many things can go wrong in the hands of the user, that LifeProof has no control over... Morally speaking, people just aren't that honest to allow any case manufacturer to cover the device. People would go out and buy a LifeProof case after breaking their phones, just to have...
  12. canamera

    iPhone 5 bevel

    I've been using my white iPhone 5 since Sept. 24th completely naked with only a screen protector, and it is completely scratch free. I've been carrying around my phone in a leather holster, and I barely ever put my phone in a pocket mixed with keys and change...and be very careful with sliding...
  13. canamera

    iOS 6.0 Sucks

    No complaints on my part about bugs, and at least the apps I have are fine.
  14. canamera

    Hmm... Wider screen on iPhone 5

    Love the size of the 5...I definitely wouldn't want a wider phone. We need to draw a line between tablet, and phone...
  15. canamera

    iPhone vs Samsung (ENOUGH ALREADY)

    I agree...ENOUGH ALREADY! I'm all for competition, but these arguments about what phone is better is simply ridiculous now... Just buy the phone you like, and shut up about it...
  16. canamera

    Are you buying a Lightning Adapter, Lightning Cable or both

    I just bought new cables, they're cheaper then the adaptor, and I don't need the adaptor for anything...don't use docks.
  17. canamera

    Battery Life so far?

    mine seems fine as well. You have to remember that if your in an area where LTE is low, your phone is going to constantly be fighting for a connection between 3G, and LTE, making it run out of battery sooner.
  18. canamera

    The Hangout

    no one is ever one when I come on... Is someone keeping tabs on when I come one? LOL;)
  19. canamera

    The Hangout

    Good to see the both of you...
  20. canamera

    The Hangout

    :whistle: anyone around?