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  1. bballrob

    iPhone XR No posts yet on the XR?

    Wow. This place really has died. I decided over the weekend to upgrade to the Blue XR. It arrived yesterday. Amazingly, almost 19 hours later, it is still sealed in the box!! I hope to have it opened and set up by noon today. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. bballrob

    One of these apps is not like the other...

    So sad. Been meaning to post this for the past 10 days or so. As you can see, there’s something different about the EiC app. It can no longer be downloaded. When I upgraded to iPhone 8 Plus from iPhone 7 Plus, I have lost the ability to download the native EiC app to my device...
  3. bballrob

    iPhone 8 Today is the Day!

    So I was traveling when my new iPhone 8 Plus was delivered on September 26th. I finally made it home last night, and my iPhone 8 Plus was waiting. I have yet to even open the outer box yet, but will be doing so soon. My iPhone 7 Plus is backing up right now, and as soon as it is done, it will...
  4. bballrob

    Hotspot time limit??

    Does anyone know if personal hotspot is set to turn off after a certain period of time? If so, what is it, and is there a setting that can be changed??
  5. bballrob

    No ios 11 for iPad Air 2??

    My son's iPod is currently updating to 11. But when I connect my iPad Air 2 to iTunes, it tells my that it is current with 10.3.3. Does the iOS update not apply to iPad Air 2??
  6. bballrob

    MacBook Pro What does this flashing folder mean??

    Any idea what this flashing folder on my screen means?? It was working fine yesterday. And now this is what I get when I try to launch.
  7. bballrob

    MacBook Pro MBP Won't connect to wifi

    My MBP doesn't seem to want to connect to my wifi network. I changed the whole network about 3 weeks ago, but haven't tried connecting this device to it until now. Any ideas on what the problem might be? I'm positive I'm using the correct password. And I HAVE successfully connected it to...
  8. bballrob

    Photo Album Watch Face

    I've gotta say I really like the watch face option with the rotating photos from a selected photo album. My daughter recently made us grandparents for the first time -- a beautiful new granddaughter. I had her set up a shared icloud photo album that she regularly adds photos too. So each time...
  9. bballrob

    Apple Watch Battery Life

    I'm wondering if anyone else has recently noticed a significant change in their battery life. I have the original Apple Watch Sport Edition. Yesterday, when I arrived home around 5:30 PM, I noticed that I was just below 40%. That seemed less than normal, and I went and put it on the charger...
  10. bballrob

    New Watch Faces??

    Anyone know if there's sites to get any new or third party watch faces? I think some kind of Christmas watch face would be fun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. bballrob

    Overbooked Airlines

    I'm curious if people here ever try to play the bump game when flights are overbooked. Years ago, they offered you another RT ticket to give up your seats. Now most airlines offer a certain dollar amount towards a future flight. I'm on my way to Ohio today. When I checked in online late...
  12. bballrob

    iPhone 7 Today Only -- Free iPhone 7 PLUS

    But you have to get past the call screener. Rush Limbaugh is giving all callers who make it on the air today a free, unlocked iPhone 7 PLUS!! Not sure of the colors. AT&T and T-Mobile only.
  13. bballrob

    iPhone 7 iCloud backup

    Should a backup really take this long?? It's a 64 GB phone that has never been backed up to iCloud before. I think my connection speed is decent. It's already been going about 45 minutes and has increased the estimate to 9 hours since I took the photo.
  14. bballrob

    iPhone 7 What I've Missed...From iPhone 5s to iPhone 7 PLUS

    I've now been in possession of the 128 GB Piano Black iPhone 7 Plus for about 41 hours. This thing is BEAUTIFUL. Still don't have it fully configured, so I'm still in "2 Phone Mode". Perhaps I can make the total switch tonight. I have, however, realized what I've been missing. In 2013, when...
  15. bballrob

    iPhone 7 Setting up a New Phone -- From Scratch or Restore from Previous phone?

    I received my new 128 GB Piano Black iPhone 7 PLUS yesterday. Opened it up last night and started setting up, but hit a major stopper when I couldn't recall my encryption password. I may have no choice but to set it up from scratch this time. A couple of comments from another thread got me...
  16. bballrob

    What's a 5S Worth these days?

    Anyone have any idea what a 32 GB GOLDEN iPhone 5S is selling for on the secondary marked these days? I doubt it matters, but I believe this WAS the FIRST model to be available in GOLD!!
  17. bballrob

    iPhone 7 How to Creat your own 3.5 mm Headphone Jack on iPhone 7/7 Plus

    THis is too good not to share. People are apparently DESPERATE to get a 3.5mm headphone jack in their new phones. I RECOMMEND WATCHING AND HAVING A GOOD LAUGH, BUT DON'T DO IT!! If you DO decide to try this at home, please post your own video, so that we know EXACTLY who we're laughing at!!
  18. bballrob

    Reclaiming space

    Ok, this is baffling morning, my iPad had about 5.3 GB of space on it. Before I left, I set it up as a video camera recording out my upstairs Window to see if I could possibly capture the delivery of my new 128 GB Piano Black iPhone 7 PLUS being delivered by UPS on the outside chance that they...
  19. bballrob

    Best Thing About iOS 10 - Ability to delete Native Apps

    FINALLY!! We can now decide what apps we want to allow to occupy that most valuable storage space on our iDevices. There are now 23 native apps that we can DELETE from our devices that come pre-installed. I don't have the full list, but I do know it includes things like Calculator, Stocks...
  20. bballrob

    iPhone 7 iPhone 7/7 PLUS Campout thread

    OK, so who's planning to campout for the iPhone 7/7 PLUS release this week? Anyone seen any lines already forming in their local areas? I will be on the sidewalk of my local AT&T Store, the only place within 150 miles that will have them on release day. Or should I say, that I HOPE will have...