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  1. aknightstale41

    Just a hello to an old site I used to frequent

    Wondering if there are any old members that still come here...we had some raucous fun times back in the day :).....and also a quick question, is there a marketplace anymore to sell services / goods?
  2. aknightstale41

    Question? Any old time regulars still come around?

    Hi all....any old time regulars still here? It's been a few years since I've been in here, and I remember most of them...I do have a another question it allowed to mention a SwiftUI course that I created in this forum? I'm not sure what the rules are anymore....The course is over at...
  3. aknightstale41

    MacBook Pro Screen flickering on a macPro with Touch Bar

    Has anyone noticed the screen flickering on the macBook Pro with the touch bar? It happened a few times already and i'm wondering if i should take it in to be looked at or a software update might take care of it...its not an ongoing problem though but happens enough to make me concerned.
  4. aknightstale41

    MacBook Pro New macBook pro with touch bar is having trackpad responsivness issues

    Is anyone else experiencing some very sluggish trackpad responsiveness in the new MacBook pro? I do a lot of video editing and i've noticed that the trackpad does not pickup my gestures sometimes, especially if I'm selecting a segment in the timeline in my editing software (Camtasia or Final...
  5. aknightstale41

    MacBook Pro I need a new Macbook Pro, should i wait...

    I heard that a new model is coming out in possibly the second quarter of 2015, or sooner, but I think it might be mostly speculation. I'd hate to buy a new machine now and then a month or two down the road find out a new model debuted and it has newer hardware... Then again I need a new machine...
  6. aknightstale41

    MacBook Pro How can I clone my two MacBook pros?

    I have two 2010 macbook pros, I want to make each Macbook identical with files and media, hopefully without dragging the files to a jump drive and then reinstalling them on the other machine...and if they could always stay synced via wifi would be great.. Thanks for the help. :)
  7. aknightstale41

    A day made of glass, stuff
  8. aknightstale41

    This Brightness app is a must have!

    Well it is for me anyway :), if you're like me you're constantly adjusting the brightness on your iPhone to conserve battery, sometimes you need it really bright when outside, and then sometimes you want it pretty dim to save battery when you're indoors.. this app does it in one touch, it's one...
  9. aknightstale41

    MacBook Pro Looking for a good Mac cleaner

    Hey all, would anyone know of a good mac cleaner so i can reclaim some hard drive space? I have a lot of video eating up space and when i delete some of it, it dosent seem to register as more drive space, maybe im not really deleting the root file? Not sure but i could use something....thanks...
  10. aknightstale41

    Hands free texting while driving?

    I have a question, I just picked up a new jeep liberty 4x4 (actually a gift from an awesome bro and sister inlaw)...and in the jeep manual it says I can send an SMS message via my Bluetooth uconnect controls..but it doesn't say how, am I misunderstanding what the manual says?
  11. aknightstale41

    Apple says we will lose our Grandfathered Status if ordered online.

    This is what i was told via a phone conversation with an Apple its off to the store tomorrow morn to pre order i guess.
  12. aknightstale41

    MacBook Pro Time Capsule compatible with Lion?

    Am thinking of picking up a Time Capsule, but on the Apple site says its compatable with Leopard and snow Leopard but does not mention Lion, does anyone know if it works with Lion? And can i remove my current router and make Time Capsule my present router to hook up all my computers to? Last...
  13. aknightstale41

    MacBook Pro A Mac app that closes all your applications and shuts down the Mac?

    Does anyone know of such an app?...i found a couple of widgets that shut down the mac with one click, but i would also like to be able to close all open applications and shut down with one click as well...especially with lion since it remembers what was open and restores those apps after a...
  14. aknightstale41

    Anybody else a tad peeved about the Netflix price hike?

    Ridiculous, it goes from 9.99 to 15.98, i believe there is a huge movement across the country where people are going to cancel their accounts in mass on September 1rst.....excessive increase imo: We are separating unlimited DVDs by mail and unlimited streaming into two separate plans to better...
  15. aknightstale41

    Great app for your Mac

    I've always been a little frustrated with the volume level on my Mac book pro, thought it should be much louder. So I came across this app called "Boom"...simply amazing, it boosts your Mac volume more than expected, And you can drag movies and songs into it and it will boost them as well so...
  16. aknightstale41

    iPads 1 with a 07.11.01 baseband unlockable?

    Are iPads 1 with a 07.11.01 baseband unlockable? A friend of mine is having difficulties with this. And me personally i don't know anything about jailbreaking. Thanks for any help.
  17. aknightstale41

    Sold iPad, does buyer need original receipt for warranty?

    I want to upgrade to ipad 2 and i just sold ipad 1 on eBay, the guy said before he paid if i would include the receipt with the ipad just in case something goes wrong with it he can take it back to Apple, as it is under the one year warranty, i said sure ill ship the ipad with the original...
  18. aknightstale41

    Is Glass our Future? Very cool stuff

    It sure looks like it...wonder what they can do with my eyeglasses.
  19. aknightstale41

    MacBook Pro Any thoughts on the upcoming app store for the Mac?

    The Mac App Store is going to be available in January. What are your thoughts on apps will see?
  20. aknightstale41

    The Antenna issue might be fixing itself

    This is a quote from a blog that makes a lot of sense: I make a lot of things out of stainless steel, as a metal fabricator. The band is made of bright probably free machining stainless steel. Much like aluminum, stainless steel naturally acquires a dull oxide coat after a few days...