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  1. oriolesfan23

    I need help activating my iPhone 5!

    Ok, I just got the iPhone 5, and now I can't get it activated. It said I had to download iTunes 7, so I tried that, but it wouldn't let me because it said in order to download iTunes 7 I need Mac Version 10.6.8 or later (I currently have version 10.5.8). I checked for software updates on my...
  2. oriolesfan23

    How much did your package weigh?

    For those of you who ordered two iPhones, how much did your package weigh? I ordered one and my package was 1.0lb, according to FedEx. My friend's tracking says that his package weighs 2.0lbs, and he only ordered one iPhone. He is sure that he has gotten a 2nd iPhone for free somehow. I...
  3. oriolesfan23

    How do I record in 720p?

    This might be a stupid question, but I can't figure out how to record in 720p. I just took a video and uploaded it to youtube, but it's not in HD and it doesn't give me an option to view the video in 720p either. Is there an option in settings or something? I'm sure I'm missing something...
  4. oriolesfan23

    Coverage of Steve Jobs' keynote speech tomorrow?

    What is the best site for live coverage of the keynote tomorrow? Will anyone have streaming audio or video? Links would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. oriolesfan23

    Scratches on 3GS Screen

    Is it just me, or does the 3GS screen scratch way more easily than the past two iPhones? I owned iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G both for a full year and I never got even one scratch on the screen. I've owned the 3GS for just over a month now and I have scratches all over the screen. I haven't even...
  6. oriolesfan23

    Using a gift card to buy iPhone 3GS?

    I'm trying to buy the iPhone 3GS on the Apple online store now. I entered in my gift card and clicked "check balance" and it said $32.85. But then when I went to the final checkout page it didn't subtract the balance from my total. Am I doing something wrong, or can we not use gift cards...
  7. oriolesfan23

    How much can I get for my iPhone on eBay?

    I wasn't going to buy the new iPhone 3GS, but I was just thinking that if I could get a fair amount for it, I may as well buy the new one. Is anyone else selling theirs and using the money to buy the iPhone 3GS? So what's the going price for a 16GB white iPhone 3G on ebay? I saw a few...
  8. oriolesfan23

    Am I better off going naked?

    All of this talk of cases scratching up phones has gotten me really worried. I am seriously considering just going naked. I did this with my v1 iPhone and it worked out pretty good. I'd love to protect my iPhone 3G, but not if it means having to get scratches all over that beautiful white...
  9. oriolesfan23

    I'm going to sell my v1 iPhone on eBay

    I am not going to unlock it though, I'm going to let the buyer do that himself. Do I take my old sim card out when I ship it? Or if I take my sim card out will the phone not even turn on? Will the buyer simply be able to plug the iPhone into his computer and unlock it?
  10. oriolesfan23

    I accidently cleared a SMS conversation...

    Is there any way I can restore the conversation that I cleared?
  11. oriolesfan23

    The best clear plastic cases for 3G?

    Has anyone bought any of the clear hard shell cases for their iPhone 3G? How do you like it? I want to buy a clear case so I can show off the sexy white back.
  12. oriolesfan23

    How many of you wanted black but then got white after you saw it in the store?

    I had my mind set on the 16GB black model, no ifs ands or buts about it. But then I saw the white one in the store and I fell in love with it. So I was checking out and then I changed my mind and told the guy that I wanted the white, so that's what I got. Did this happen to anyone else? (By...
  13. oriolesfan23

    Everyone in Northern Virginia...

    We had a thread a while ago but it got mixed up with another topic. What store are you going to? I'm heading over to the Apple Store at Fair Oaks Mall. The mall doors are going to open at 6:00am (and the Apple store opens at 8:00am) so I'll probably show up shortly after 6.
  14. oriolesfan23

    How much will apps cost?

    How much are the apps in the app store going to cost? Is it going to be like buying songs on iTunes (they are all a set price, like $1.99), or are they going to be more expensive and vary by app?
  15. oriolesfan23


    A number of websites I visit use Flash, so when using the iPhone it creates an experience that is not very positive. Will the iPhone 3G support Flash?
  16. oriolesfan23

    MacBook Are new MacBooks getting released anytime soon?

    I'm going to buy a MacBook this summer before heading off to college in August. Is there any chance that a new MacBook will be released in the next few months? I don't want to buy one now if a new one is coming out soon (like with the iPhone). I don't follow any rumors about Macs, so I just...
  17. oriolesfan23

    How much can I sell my iPhone for?

    So I see that unlocked iPhones are selling for pretty good prices on eBay right now. After Steve Jobs announces the 3G iPhone on June 9, how much lower do you think the value of my iPhone will be? I want to sell it, but I want to sell it later so I don't have to go very long without an iPhone...
  18. oriolesfan23

    Will the iPhone be on other carriers in the US?

    I thought that AT&T had a 5 year contract with Apple, so only AT&T could have the iPhone for the next 5 years. Is this correct? My friend said he was at the Verizon store yesterday and they told him that Verizon and a few other carriers in the United States would be getting the iPhone within...
  19. oriolesfan23

    iPhone to come in 3 colors? Look at these awesome pics!

    According to this article, the new iPhone will come in black, white, and red. Look at these pictures. It looks awesome. I hope this is the real thing!
  20. oriolesfan23

    My Phone Won't Work!

    This just happened today. When someone calls, I cannot hear them and they cannot hear me. Same thing happens when I call someone. But, If I put it on speaker phone, it works fine. I restored my iPhone, but I still have the same problem. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.