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  1. coop1701

    iPhone 7 Thinking of Swapping

    Hey Guys.. I've had a iPhone 7 since launch day. But I miss the bigger screen on the Plus. My local Apple Store has Pluses in now. Really thinking about selling my Phone on Craigslist and getting a Plus. I love the matte black too..., But after getting to hold a Jet Black and play with it...
  2. coop1701

    AT&T Next Plan Issue

    Hey Guys.. Getting ready to call AT&T about this. I went to pay my bill this week and was expecting to see the extra 35 dollars using the AT&T Next plan. However they charged my 70 dollars instead. It looks like I was billed on the 30th and then again on the 2nd of Dec. That's like 3 damn...
  3. coop1701

    New Mount for 6 Plus

    I just installed my new Mount this weekend. Very Happy, no more 6 Plus flopping around in my Cup Holder. lol
  4. coop1701

    Anyone having trouble with Chevy MyLink?

    Since iOS 8 and 8.02 I have lost most of my functionality with Mylink in my Chevy Camaro. I even loaded iOs 8.1 last night. Still no functionality. So I removed the device from MyLink and told my iPhone to forget this connection. Now it won't pair back MyLink at all. Is anyone else having...
  5. coop1701

    Latest iTunes

    Since updating to the latest iTunes.., I am constantly dropping Home Sharing. My Apple TV will be in the middle of a Movie or TV show streaming from my PC with iTunes on it. Suddenly the screen will go black and say Please Turn on Home Sharing. I can check iTunes and home sharing is on...
  6. coop1701

    Maps Issue on Jailbroken iPhone

    Hey Guys... My iPhone 5S has constantly be crashing my phone to Safemode. I didn't realize how bad until I was in California a few days ago on Vacation. Maps would work fine until I exited it or tried to open anything outside of the map. Like respond to a text or email. As soon as I did...
  7. coop1701

    Exchange Functionality

    I use at Exchange for my work email. It's always worked well in the past. I noticed on the later version of iOS7 and 7.1. I no longer have the ability to sync individual folder. It use to be along with the Normal Inbox, any folder I had in My Lotus Notes, I could take them in the App to also...
  8. coop1701

    Unrecognizable Print..., 5 out of 6 times.

    Hey guys.. this just started on Monday and I have done everything I know to do. Almost every time I use the finger print reader now, I am getting unrecognizable print. 1.) I have changed the Password to sometime simple. 2.) I have erased my finger prints and put them back in. 3.) I have...
  9. coop1701

    Email Notification Issue

    Hey Guys..., I'm having a issue with Email Notifications. Not sure if it's just the email settings or iOS7. This started out as slightly annoying and now it's bugging me to death. This only happens on iCloud and my AT&T account, not my exchange email with work. I get a new email in either...
  10. coop1701

    Noticed something

    I'm not sure if this is 5S specific or the latest version of iOS 7. But I have noticed my location services getting stuck on with the arrow up on the top right. Every time I check it's Siri and Siri isn't even being used. Has anyone else seen this? I'm thinking about resetting the network...
  11. coop1701

    I screwed up... Badly

    I took my lovely 16 Gig iPhone 5S to Best Buy this weekend while I was still under my 15 day exchange. My only real complaint about it was the new phone and iOS7 was having issues in my car. People couldn't even hear me through the stereo system when doing a call. Anyway.., I exchanged it for...
  12. coop1701

    Question regarding iOS 7 notification center

    After the update yesterday, my Notification Center is now Black instead of blurred. I thought I had found a toggle for that on a previous build. But I have had no luck in finding it. Can someone tell me where it went?
  13. coop1701

    Phone just quit working

    My iPhone just quit working this morning. my Carrier is AT&T and I am jailbroken. I tried a hard reset, just booting the phone. Resetting network. Nothing has worked. Anything else I can try guys before I restore?
  14. coop1701

    Odd issue

    I am not sure if this is Jailbreak related or a 3rd party App issue. But I am seeing it while trying to use iRealSMS and with BiteSms. As I type the message I can look up at the Signal Bar. (Typically LTE or 4G with good signal strength.) As soon as I hit Send. Signal Strength drop to...
  15. coop1701

    Question about SHSH blobs and iOS 6.1 OTA update

    I did a OTA update the other day to 6.1. I hear that is a no no. So I can just do a backup, load 6.1 to my phone. Then jailbreak and restore my backup? Or has anyone even attempted to jailbreak the OTA update? I know it caused issues when the previous jailbreak too.
  16. coop1701

    Airplay on Apple TV

    I do love my Apple TV. But I'm getting tired of the Apps on my iPad that will not stream video content to my Apple TV. I was experimenting with Amazon TV App last night and after much testing. I found a article on the internet that says it will Airplay audio only. Really? Why even...
  17. coop1701

    All Inboxes

    I really wish there was a way to get rid of the All Inboxes option. That should be a feature you turn on and off. It does me no good combining my 3 email accounts.
  18. coop1701

    AT&T Data Usage Issue

    I'm thinking I may need to restore my Wife's iPhone. I got a AT&T Text Alert yesterday saying I was close to 4GB of my 6 GB plan. I was like there is no way. So this morning I had a chance to look at our data usage. My iPhone has used .3 gigs..., my wife's phone has used 3.7 gigs. As a...
  19. coop1701

    Location Services won't turn off?

    I just thought I would ask you guys. For the past few weeks, and since before they turned on LTE in my area. I have noticed Location Services never turns off. The indicator on the status bar never turns off. I have went through the list of Apps that use location services. I have disable...
  20. coop1701

    Guess what I got today?

    Guess what I got today? I woke up, turned my phone on to find a shiny LTE on the Status Bar. AT&T finally turned it on in my area. My speed tests were fantastic. I'm sure that's just because we probably don't have that many LTE Devices in my area. But I am happier than a Slinky on a...