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  1. justahsquirrel

    Anyone still have the first iPhone?

    I just pre ordered my iPhone 5. At the end of check before hitting submit , I saw unlimited 4G with out visual voicemail and unlimited 4g with visual voicemail in the bill...both $30 and it couldn't be removed. I don't know what happened there. I hope I didn't loose my grandfathered unlimited plan.
  2. justahsquirrel

    Anyone still have the first iPhone?

    Let's see what the day brings.
  3. justahsquirrel

    Anyone still have the first iPhone?

    Nice. I have a broken iPhone first gen. It was working the all of a sudden it blanked out and never turned back on. Mother board is probably shot. Too much trouble to fix. Might just keep it for sentimental reasons.
  4. justahsquirrel

    Anyone still have the first iPhone?

    The buzz is def. back. I''be been saving my pennies to get this new iPhone. Hope they do a online preorder. That's the only line I want to do
  5. justahsquirrel

    Anyone still have the first iPhone?

    I know the iPhone 5 eeer 6th generation is almost upon us...I remember waiting the 10 or so hours for the first iPhone. Chris M, the forum owner/operator was on the same line as me, althought I was like 70 heads behind and we didn't meet officially. I swore to myself I was not going to do that...
  6. justahsquirrel

    Any newly found treasures in iOS5?

    you can now delete individual calls from your recent calls list
  7. justahsquirrel

    Verizon iPad

    just trying to get a rise out of everyone lol
  8. justahsquirrel

    Verizon iPad

    official verizon iPad... without the wifi box... i think thats whats going to be announced. CDMA ipad.. its just a guess..
  9. justahsquirrel

    How do I get custom SMS and E-Mail tones on iPhone 3G? I have a Windows Vista PC

    You have to jailbreak to get into the phone. I don't think there is a way around that.
  10. justahsquirrel

    push down

    same here, using the newest version. I have asked around other places and its the push in NYC for now..don't know why its only affecting here and not anywhere else...must be a problem with the push servers...
  11. justahsquirrel

    push down

    is push notifications down? im getting IM's within the program..but out of the messages...I've been using beejive... I tried aim also..same notifications... I restarted my phone and checked to make sure push notifications are on..all is fine...anyone else having this...
  12. justahsquirrel

    iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS is worth it.

    i'd say its worth it just to get the new phone smell. ONLY if you are getting it at the 199.99 - 299.99 rates....other than that NO...unless you sell you 3G obn ebay for a few extra dollars to make a dent in the cost.... I'm thinking about upgrading to the 3GS....just thinking cause I do qualify...
  13. justahsquirrel

    Do push notifications use up text messages?

    NO, its data.
  14. justahsquirrel

    Cannot process request?

    yeah, im finally back up after 2 hours or a trip. i actually had to leave my house without my was like leaving without having any closes on...I felt
  15. justahsquirrel

    Cannot process request?

    i restored to the new 3.0 software not I get a cannot connect to the iTunes store/cannot process request...check connection error...... after all this waiting just for this........what the hell do i do now..
  16. justahsquirrel

    iPhone Software 3.0 Official Discussion Thread

    i thought tethering was not going to work until AT&T did what ever they had to do with there network and fix that whole MMS bulls*it...
  17. justahsquirrel

    hotmail now works for iPhone

    add new mail other...i don't know if this is old news...
  18. justahsquirrel

    typing anomaly

    ok, this might be a weird anomaly .... but I was noticing that if I try to type macgyver on my iPhone....i would do mach instead of macg....when i get to type the wont let me puts an h like the phone things that i want to spell machine....the G is totally not working.. all i want...
  19. justahsquirrel

    beejive problems

    is anyone getting problems reconnecting using beejive. I connected with my aim....and have it set up with push email.... problem is, when i try to open the program...all it does it give me spinning wheel of death...and it say error reconnecting if i try to send a message...I tried rebooting and...
  20. justahsquirrel

    8gb vs. 16gb - any thoughts?

    hey if have the cash, get the larger model and be done with it. But if your wallet can only afford the 8GB...then so be it. audiobooks do pack a large file size so you may want to consider the larger model. Apps do take up room also. on my 16GB iPhone, i have 800mb just in apps.... good luck...