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    The mini 2 is available and the mini 3 is discontinued???

    There's something wrong with this right? Has Apple ever done this before, continuing something 2 generations old and discontinuing the previous generation? Or maybe this is just a Canada thing?
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    Help. iPod stuck on cable-iTunes screen

    As the title says, my iPod (gen 5, which ever is the last) is stuck on the cable-iTunes screen. The twist is I was deliberately running iOS 6 or maybe 7. Which ever version, the choice was deliberate as nothing in the later releases interests me and I know better than to pair an older device...
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    Can I avoid transferring purchases from my iPod?

    up until today, I've never had to connect my iPod to my PC. unfortunately my wife needs some songs transferred to it. edit: someone will likely suggest buying the song from iTunes on the iPod. actually, its a rip of a cello CD that my child uses to practice from. so no, having to buy it again...
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    Apple & Google agree to cross platform use of Disney movies.

    in other news, Chinese scientist have cross bred bats and pigs. AAPL: Apple, Google agree to Disney movie deal Sent from my OnePlus One
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    Will the iPhone 6 Plus hurt sales of the iPad mini?

    Hadn't thought of this till I ran across this article. what do you guys think? Sent from my Oneplus One
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    How much TV watched in your home?

    Curious what kind of numbers do you guys run. Average daily hours watched by your household?
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    Airplane Mode doesn't work?

    Anyone else find their wireless working despite enabling airplane mode? Sent using iCafe app
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    Apple promo offered by email

    Just got this in the email in Canada. Assume a similar campaign in the US. Basically, $100 gift card for a Mac and $50 for an iPad/iPhone. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 4
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    New iTunes 11 view & file format

    Is there anyway to default the download format to mp3 vs aac? Can I hide the iCloud references in the Library without hiding the songs from my Purchased list?
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    Automatic downloads.

    I've bought some songs on the PC and the iPod touch has automatic downloads of music enabled. So when does it download or is there something I have to do to trigger it? TIA Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 2
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    Sync to Specific Outlook Profile

    So I use Outlook 2010 and have multiple profiles. Running iOS 5.0x on an iPhone 4 and iTunes 10.5, how the heck does one pick a specific profile to sync to. Actually I've gone into iTunes | Devices | iPhone | Info | Sync Contacts & Calendars to Outlook Not one record was added to any of my...
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    R&D with Transparent Display

    eiC does a great job of reporting Apple stuff. When I find an interesting piece of tech that is not directly related to Android I think of sharing it here as the one thing I've in common with all of is an enthusiasm for tech in general. Sometimes I feel the article isn't as well received...
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    Nokia 808 Pureview

    Nokia has developed a 41mb camera for phones. Yes it's only for Symbian at the moment. Yes it might be aesthetically...
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    PS Vita

    This puts some serious pressure as the all-in-one kids device. That price is the full tag, no contract. The thing is packed with a quad-core processor. Comes with wifi/3G and Skype is officially supported making it a pseudo-cell phone. Also has a browser, media player and facebook out of the...
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    Help - Audiobooks app.

    Can someone please recommend an Audiobook app. The challenges I'm encountering are: 1. The music app doesn't remember where I last left the audiobook. 2. Because of the size of the file, 10 hours for example, trying to fine tune the position in the track is very difficult. Landing is usually...
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    Quotes that Resonate with You

    Anything that struck a chord. Something you read, heard, someone said to you, from something you watched. Please reference the source though Anonymous or Forgotten is good too. :)
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    iTunes on Windows

    I'm really, really trying to give iTunes a chance. Been using it for the last two months to co-ordinate all my music as well as manage our two iOS devices. Generally I don't use the home desktop much and iTunes is now about 50% of the time spent. My system is a powerful 8-core i7 with 16GB RAM...
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    List of posts

    I tried to look for a recent post I made by using the list. Unfortunately it's not in sync with my actual post history either in the eiC app or in Tapatalk. Sent from my iPod touch using iCafe app
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    Alter Show count on Stock Email App

    I altered the setting from 50 to 1000 and still can't see my previous emails. So how does one retrieve older emails. Using gmail and iOS 5.0.1. TIA. Sent from my iPod touch using iCafe app
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    Proxy App to fake being in the US?

    Recently discovered such an app on my phone platform and was wondering if a similar app/function is available to iOS. Basically I'd like to be able to access media streams that would normally say not available to me because of my location. Location based restriction are absolutely annoying if...