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  1. UnseenLlama

    Anyone else notice something different with text messaging from contacts section

    I noticed this too. It's not just you.
  2. UnseenLlama

    iPhone vs Nokia N95-3

    Agreed. Ricky Cadden on Hofo made the following remark regarding the iPhone vs N95 debate: " at the end of the day, here's the difference: The iPhone is designed to CONSUME multimedia. The N95 is designed to CREATE multimedia. Which are you going to do more?"
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    Shut up Already!

    Don't forget Nokia and S60 devices! If the iPhone didn't exist, I would not have sold my N95. :laugh2:
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    Shut up Already!

    That's correct. I never unlocked the phone, but did install 3rd party apps to try out. Knew the update was coming so I did a full restore to my phone to factory settings, then updated to 1.1.1. No problems.
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    Shut up Already!

    So you are upset that Apple updated their software which break applications that were not meant to be on the iPhone in the first place? Am I missing something? How is this Apple's fault?
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    series 5 or 7?

    You need to put the iPhone into field test mode. Type *3001#12345#* into the number pad of the phone and press call. Then select versions.
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    Has anyone emailed Apple?

    What problems in particular are you referring to? It would help this thread if you cited specific problems with your iPhone. I've had my iPhone for a month and a half and the only problem is the occasional kickout to the homescreen from Safari. It usually happens when I'm surfing on the...
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    I feel the force is not strong with you... :frown:
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    Little things that bother me.

    If you pushed the home button trying end the call, how would you multi-task? :2cool:
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    please help me understand....

    Why would you want to buy ringtones when you can make them for free? Audacity...or even Window's recorder will allow you to make a ringtone out of any audio file you have. Of course, you need to be able to hack the iPhone to get that ringtone on to your iPhone.
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    Visual Voicemail Unavailable?

    If at any point your EDGE or WiFi network goes down, you will be reverted back to the old voicemail. This happened when AT&T's network went down in July.
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    please help me understand....

    Because Apple doesn't want to concede to AT&T's greed? Yes, you can download ringtones for $3 and then get charged $2 for data charges. Just wait and you will see Apple release a software update that will allow you to change any song you own into a ring tone. Now stop complaining!
  13. UnseenLlama

    Lack of "Made for iPhone" accessories sucks!

    Welcome to the world of Apple. Actually, there hasn't been a lot of "Made for XXXXX" when the new models have been released. The companies catch up just like the rest of us. Most of the current Made for iPhone accessories work with latest update. Try that first before complaining.
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    Silent Ringtone

    I believe that feature is not available. You can only switch between "on" and "off" sounds.
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    Question about iPhone headset jack

    The iPhone does have a normal jack for headphones (3.5mm, 1/8"). It is recessed so you need to make sure you can fit your current headphones into the jack. If you have access to an Apple or AT&T store, I would take your headphones in and try plugging them in. Make sure you are able to...
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    How many visual voicemails can an iPhone hold?

    You can still get "a thousand voicemails in your pocket" in a month... :laugh2:
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    How many visual voicemails can an iPhone hold?

    It would depend on how much free space you have out of your 4/8gb of storage. That and how long each message would be. All voicemail messages are stored as data on the phone. Everytime you get a voicemail, it will be downloaded to your device. If you didn't have any music/movies/etc on...
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    Curious Question About Other 8gb phones

    I agree with your list, except the SD requirement. There really has never been a phone that has had 8gb worth of storage. Only now are the 8gb cards coming down to a reasonable price. I think that is plenty of storage for media, not in office documents. You must consider that the iPhone...
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    Curious Question About Other 8gb phones

    Apple has only stated a goal of 10 million units sold by the end of 2008. That 500K number you are quoting came from uninformed analysts and best guesses. What is a "universal functionality" handset? I have used Nokia's smartphones before, in particular the N95. And although it has more...
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    Curious Question About Other 8gb phones

    8GB iPhones are $599. There is no official statement regarding the number of 8gb iPhones, but Apple last week informed the media that they had sold 270,000 iPhones within the first 30 hours of sales.