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  1. justahsquirrel

    Anyone still have the first iPhone?

    I know the iPhone 5 eeer 6th generation is almost upon us...I remember waiting the 10 or so hours for the first iPhone. Chris M, the forum owner/operator was on the same line as me, althought I was like 70 heads behind and we didn't meet officially. I swore to myself I was not going to do that...
  2. justahsquirrel

    Verizon iPad

    official verizon iPad... without the wifi box... i think thats whats going to be announced. CDMA ipad.. its just a guess..
  3. justahsquirrel

    push down

    is push notifications down? im getting IM's within the program..but out of the messages...I've been using beejive... I tried aim also..same notifications... I restarted my phone and checked to make sure push notifications are on..all is fine...anyone else having this...
  4. justahsquirrel

    Cannot process request?

    i restored to the new 3.0 software not I get a cannot connect to the iTunes store/cannot process request...check connection error...... after all this waiting just for this........what the hell do i do now..
  5. justahsquirrel

    hotmail now works for iPhone

    add new mail other...i don't know if this is old news...
  6. justahsquirrel

    typing anomaly

    ok, this might be a weird anomaly .... but I was noticing that if I try to type macgyver on my iPhone....i would do mach instead of macg....when i get to type the wont let me puts an h like the phone things that i want to spell machine....the G is totally not working.. all i want...
  7. justahsquirrel

    beejive problems

    is anyone getting problems reconnecting using beejive. I connected with my aim....and have it set up with push email.... problem is, when i try to open the program...all it does it give me spinning wheel of death...and it say error reconnecting if i try to send a message...I tried rebooting and...
  8. justahsquirrel

    just a general question

    my dad lost his iPhone 3g. Sad I know. His question to me was that can he go back to Apple and get another one at the discounted rate? ($199.00, 299.00) or is he going to have to pay full price what ever that suppose to be. yeH he already had the service deactivated.
  9. justahsquirrel

    Call D

    does anyone know if CallD still exist or works for the 2.1 software? I havnt jailbroken my phone at all ....just wanted to know if that software is still around and works for the 3G iPhone
  10. justahsquirrel

    3G in NYC

    little or no 3G service in NYC...I have to rely on EDGE.......when it does works for a short time and if i leave the phone in standby for a bit and try to access the internet or any data ...3G is not working until i reboot the phone...seriously what the hell am I paying for here...the...
  11. justahsquirrel

    Anyone having 3G issues in NYC

    I've noticed that today, 3G was not working wont load any webpages....
  12. justahsquirrel

    How much cellular data have you used?

    Just wanted to see much data you have used since you got your 3g. its a month now and I've received 585MB so far...
  13. justahsquirrel

    i was wondering

    NYC teachers, do they qualify for a iPhone discount? I heard something about this. If so, would I be better of going to the Apple store or att to get my new iPhone 3g?
  14. justahsquirrel

    Apple Store in mall

    well its official now, 8am Apple store release of the iPhone question is that the Apple store near me is in roosevelt field mall in Long island NY, but I think the mall opens at 10am. So whats going to happen? wait 2 extra hours? last year for the 6pm release, I got to the mall at...
  15. justahsquirrel

    resetting iPhone

    if i press reset all setting and erase all data..........that will erase ipod music, contacts and settings...what about apps that i installed? are those safe?
  16. justahsquirrel

    Other Countries are getting shafted!

    Not that I'm one to complain, but why is it that other countries and their iPhone 3G data plans suck monkey pole? Compared to AT&T here, 69.99 gets you unlimited data with 450 minutes, compare to other countries with severely handicapped data/phone plans. Like Canada and Denmark. I mean yeah us...
  17. justahsquirrel

    Help, Cant Sync Music

    So here is my story. Recently I was working on my pc and I decided to listen to some music via iTunes. I clicked on iTunes, nothing happened, clicked again, nothing happened. It acted like it wanted to start up, but just failed. Not error messages of any kind. So after being frustrated with it...
  18. justahsquirrel

    iPhone store credit....

    I know that some one told me that the iPhone store credit that i got last year from being an early adopter does not expire. Double checking, is that true? Cause I havn't used it yet....thinking that I will use it next month for a iPhone 3G purchase.... Apples website does not go to the iPhone...
  19. justahsquirrel

    Wwdc 1pm Est, 10am Pst

    Just making sure everyone sets there alarms.... the excitement is building.... here are some more times: 07:00AM - Hawaii 10:00AM - Pacific 11:00AM - Mountain 12:00PM - Central 01:00PM - Eastern 05:00PM - GMT 06:00PM - London 07:00PM - Paris 02:00AM - Tokyo (June 10th)
  20. justahsquirrel

    Countdown really beings now!

    Countdown really begins now! Well its Friday afternoon and the time is ticking away. In about 2 days or less depending on when you read this, it will be d-day ( I don't want to call is iDay2 yet). No one knows for sure if Apple will release the iPhone 2 the same day or weeks later( if at all...