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  1. Lazarus

    Trouble using ringtone from iTunes

    does anyone know where the custom ringtone folder is located? because the standard one is the stash/ringtone folder.
  2. Lazarus

    Is there an app to hide pics and videos

    Ok the question was how to hide vids not pics. Is there something out like this yet working on 3GS? Thx
  3. Lazarus

    Carrier setting update in iTunes when iPhone is connected ?

    yeah this is weird I too am now getting this pop up, any way to stop it? I'm on carrier AT&T 2.9 so....?
  4. Lazarus

    Changing message, email tones

    Try installing ToneFxs on Cydia. Don't get an easier
  5. Lazarus

    PWNAGE for 2.2.1 is Out! Time to Jailbreak!

    if I'm on AT&T do I want a custom firmware that says activate or nonactivate?
  6. Lazarus

    Anyone try SBSettings yet?

    so what do i do? uninstall bossprefs then install sbsettings?
  7. Lazarus

    DO NOT use LogoMe

    worked fine for me but I used a post from someone to change it. I just can't figure out how to get images myself lol I ul them to my photobucket enter url and it won't dl
  8. Lazarus

    Transfer mp3 from iPhone to PC

    here is a free way Tansee iPhone Copy Pack
  9. Lazarus

    Help with check & uncheck music

    no I want to get it back to the way I had them before. I had some checked & some not checked. Does iTunes not remember this?
  10. Lazarus

    Help with check & uncheck music

    ok I sync my iPhone only the checked items right. So I accidentally unchecked everything at once. Please tell me there is a way to get it back to the way I had all 3,000 songs checked? I'll do a system restore if it will get it back to the way I had it. HELP!
  11. Lazarus

    Check if your iPhone is really new or refurbished

    i guess this must be for 3G only? because mine starts 88813...
  12. Lazarus

    Incorrect Voicemail Password Constantly Popping up?

    I'm running into a similar problem thinking it might be connected. I have tried adding 2 new email accounts and they both keep telling me incorrect password when I know it's not my wrong doing. Is there a solution?
  13. Lazarus

    help with copy music from my iPhone to PC

    there is no way to copy purchased iTunes tracks as far as I know. That's probably why
  14. Lazarus

    Syncing Contacts - Change from Yahoo to Outlook

    I am currently using Yahoo address book and wanted to switch to using Windows but want to know if it'll erase all my contacts from iPhone and I have to start over.
  15. Lazarus

    Syncing Contacts Inquiry

    sorry for double post. I was wanting to switch from using Yahoo Address Book to Windows but am afraid it will delete all my contacts from iPhone on the next sync. Can someone please confirm this for me.
  16. Lazarus

    Syncing Contacts - Change from Yahoo to Outlook

    I was wanting to switch from Yahoo to Windows but afraid it would delete all my contacts and I'd have to start over again. Can anyone pls confirm?
  17. Lazarus

    2.1 update on old 8g iPhone-any improvments noticed?

    it is a bit better but still far from being perfect. I still have apps crash on me from time to time.
  18. Lazarus

    Intelliscreen seems broke in 2.1

    that was money well spent lol
  19. Lazarus

    Broken Apps on 2.1

    Insomnia doesn't work for me. But maybe permission is wrong. What should it be?
  20. Lazarus

    Broken Apps on 2.1

    man I need Intelliscreen badly on 2.1 as well as Customize 2.1 my favorite apps. I know wb does it all too but I have everyhing setup for Customize and it'll take forever to convert. And people paid money for Intelliscreen and can't even use it? lol