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  1. UnseenLlama

    "We have owned the file system"

    Looks like the iPhone hackers have gained access to the entire file system.
  2. UnseenLlama

    Official Works / Does Not Work Accessory Thread

    Don't think I've seen a common thread detailing which accessories will work with the iPhone. I am thinking accessories that specifically connect to the bottom port. I've tried to include links as to not confuse which products I'm talking about... I wanted to post here because the regular...
  3. UnseenLlama

    Apple Remote to control iPhone from Dual Dock?

    Sorry if this has already been asked.... I was researching the iPhone Bluetooth Headset and Dual Dock that comes with the purchase. Here is a line that caught me attention towards...
  4. UnseenLlama

    Pictures from my iDay

    Just got back from AT&T and I'm syncing my songs now. It was a long 12 hours and somehow I got first in line! Woohoo! Here are some pictures from today:
  5. UnseenLlama

    Specific Launch Details from BGR

    Check it out here: Details the entire process for tomorrow. Good stuff!
  6. UnseenLlama

    Indianapolis, IN (and surrounding areas)

    Anyone in Indianapolis area, Fishers in particular?
  7. UnseenLlama

    Apple updated iPhone Spec Page Looks like they updated the page. What's in the box? In the box iPhone Stereo Headset Dock Dock Connector to USB Cable USB Power Adapter Documentation Cleaning/polishing cloth