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  1. Lon

    iTunes Installation Error

    Did a routine update on the latest iTunes and ran into a nightmare. All I get is that it is installed successfully and when I try to open I get "Error 7, Windows Error 193." Has anyone experienced this? Or does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Lon

    App Store "Upgrade All" Grayed Out

    Have a friend with iPhone 4S, running iOS 7.0.2. While in the App Store, about 4 or 5 Apps are shown as requiring an update. However the "Upgrade All" button at the top is grayed out and unresponsive. When she clicks on a individual upgrade for each App, the App in question opens. Any ideas...
  3. Lon


    Very strange. When I download or convert new movies and try to put them in iTunes, some will go and some will not. Most are MP4. When I go to AppleTV, into my PC Library I now have two categories: Movies, and Home Videos. The movies I tried to put into iTunes, which did not appear to copy, now...
  4. Lon

    SMS on Yosemite

    I upgraded to Yosemite on my Mac. I upgraded to iOS 8.1 on my iPhone 6. When I go to Settings>Messages, I have no option for "Text Message Forwarding" as describe in many "how to" forums. Is there a setting that I am missing?
  5. Lon

    Require Passcode Immediately

    Under <Settings><Require Passcode> my only option is "immediately." Is this something new with Touch ID? Or iPhone 6? Or iOS 8? I'd like to choose a little extra time. Am I missing something?
  6. Lon

    2014 Ryder Cup

    Any Golfers here? Anyone else up in the middle of night watching golf at GlenEagles in Scotland?
  7. Lon

    1Password currently free!

    1 Password App is currently free due to an apparent glitch on Apple's end. It is normally about $17. It will not download on a device not running iOS 8, but I downloaded it via iTunes, so it is now in my App System. Don't know how long it will last.
  8. Lon

    What's The "Over/Under" on iOS 8 Jailbreak?

    Does anyone have a guess as to how long it will take for someone to release a jailbreak tool for iOS 8? Seems like it should already be in the works. The Pangu Team sure did a good job for iOS 7.
  9. Lon

    Can't scroll in Safari on Windows 7

    I just installed Safari on my PC running Windows 7 and I can't seem to scroll up and down the site using the dial on my mouse. I had the same problem at home running Windows 7 on my Mac Mini. Am I missing some setting to allow this, or is it a mouse setting, or just a Safari glitch?
  10. Lon

    Help! Taking Over My Browsers

    The virus or malware is taking over my IE, though I have been able to reduce it somewhat on Chrome. Has anyone discovered an effective way, or program, to completely delete this pesky rodent? I have tried most of the methods discussed on other websites, but to no avail so far. I would...
  11. Lon

    Best NFL App

    What Apps are people using to follow the NFL? I have tried what appears to be the official NFL App, but when I try to open it I only get a screen with verizon in it announcing that I have a jailbroken device. I do have xCon installed on my iP5, but that doesn't seem to be fixing the issue.
  12. Lon

    RCA Audio Out to Bluetooth

    I am looking for a device that will take my RCA audio out of my TV to a Bluetooth transmitter to pair with my Bluetooth speakers. Has anyone had any success with such a device. Sent Using iCafe App
  13. Lon

    KYMS Files on iFile

    Does anyone know what directory in iFile I would find the KYMS files?
  14. Lon

    Camera on the iPhone 5 Quit Working

    iPhone 5 camera quit working. Front facing works on Face Time and Tango. I am jailbroken on 6.1.2. I have removed every stock app and Cydia app that I can think of that might impact my camera. I have rebooted and hard rebooted. Still no luck. Is there an app that anyone knows of that may have...
  15. Lon

    Mirroring from iPhone

    I am trying to mirror the ABC app from my iPhone 5 to my Apple TV. The picture will not rotate from portrait to landscape So the video is essentially on its side. This has happened with other apps also. Is there something that I am missing, or that I can do to correct this? Sent Using iCafe App
  16. Lon

    ReOrder Notification Widgets

    Is there a way to change the order in which widgets appear in the Notification Center? I can't seem to find a way to do it. Sent Using iCafe App
  17. Lon

    Upgrade to iOS 6.1.2

    Here's my problem: I have iP5 on 6.1 JB, With terrible battery performance. I would like to upgrade to 6.1.2 to see if it corrects the battery issue. And would like to do so before Apple releases 6.1.3, for obvious reasons. When I upgraded my iP4S to iOS 6.1, it went into DFU, and I had to...
  18. Lon

    Google Chrome Update

    I just installed the Google Chrome update from the app store. I have an iP5, running iOS 6.1, jailbroken. It constantly crashes on startup. When I first installed it, it seemed to disable Zephyr. I rebooted the phone, and Zephyr now works fine but Chrome continues to crash. Anyone else? Sent...
  19. Lon


    Has anyone tried this yet? Sent Using iCafe App
  20. Lon

    mp4 or m4v to DVD

    I did a search and didn't find much here, but what do you all use to burn mp4 or m4v videos to a DVD that will play on a DVD player. I just burned them and they play on the computer, but not on a player.